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Sunday, July 23, 2006



A few weeks ago something very special happened, our daughter announced that she's expecting her first baby.
This is something that's incredibly wonderful!
Okay many, many women make this announcement everyday, but they are simply not my daughter. So excuse me while I'll beam.
I'm so looking forward to this-except for one little tiny thing: WHEN AND HOW IN THE WORLD DID I BECOME OLD ENOUGH TO BE SOMEONE'S GRANDMA?????
Honestly, I am thrilled. My daughter and son-in-law are the same age as my husband and I were when we had her, so she's neither too young or too old. She's excited, the way any prospective parent should be. We are excited the way prospective grandparents should be. And her brother is already plotting how to take over as 2nd (3rd?) in command. He really can hardly wait. Her grandparents are excited about being first time great-grandparents.
And yet, this announcement made me run to the grocery store and dye my hair. Not just to cover the bit of gray, but I decided to turn my brunette head a nice mahogany shade of red! I would have purchased a sexy new dress, but alas, the electric bill arrived and my husband nearly fell over from the figure (record heat and humidity record here in California you know!). There's only so much you can ask from one man-he too is having to adjust to the news. Plus his wife's hair and the electric bill-a new dress might be that proverbial straw. That's an entire other column on its own.
Suddenly, in less than 60 seconds, I went from "sexy and young-looking middleaged woman" to "grandma"!
This is really why pregnancy is supposed to last 40 weeks. I believe it takes that long for the mother of the parent-to-be to get used to the fact that her baby is having a baby and that she is now entering a new phase in her own existence.
What I am going to really like is what my daughter will be experiencing: new feelings, new life-altering events, a totally all-consuming love that she will find hard to ever imagine. There will also be exhaustion, pain, moments of panic and of course, insecurities. Plus sacrifices she never understood why and how we made, will now be an everyday occurence in her own life.
There's also the fact that I will be witnessing how "the mother's curse" will be played out-all mother's know this curse, it's the one during a particularly frustrating event with your child that you snap and say "I wish you 2 children just like you when you grow up!"
In our home, at the time I delivered the "curse" both children looked at me as if I was a total nut job (and at that moment I was). But I had 2 just like me (smart, stubborn, independent) and so did my sister. I'm sure my sibling and I are just like our mother, so the curse does work!
I am actually pretty sure my daughter and her husband will rise to the occasion of dealing with this remarkably well.
I am sure, I will not only be ready for this event, I will be a world class sexy grandma!

Ahhh..great news and Congrats!! it is so exciting..i am so excited for you..honestly!
i became a grandmother two years ago to Sophia, and 25 days ago i became a grandmother for the second time to Amira. they are a blessing to have. to tell you the truth, and from my own experience, having grand kids is much more fun and fulfilling in different ways than having my own children. at least i do not have to endure the physical work and care for the grand kids like i did with my own kids.i do help my daughter a lot with them and i enjoy every minute of it.i spoil them and play with them a lot but i do not interfere with the way their parents want them to be raised.
As for staying or being a sexy grandmother, i am sure that you will pull it off not worry about it as long as you take care of yourself, work out, dress nice and look sharp. this helps a lot in feeling young and sexy.
i hope the pregnancy goes well. i am sure that your daughter will do a great job carrying, delivering and caring for this blessed baby! congratulations to you and your husband and the whole family. all the best to you all!
thank you summer and congrats on the new grandchild! Had a little scare tonight, but hopefully all continues to go well. she's on bedrest for the weekend. I reminded her I did the same w/ her brother and look at him now!
Thank you for reading!
Here's to sexy grannies...enjoy! I'm not there yet, and hope for a bit more time. Not because I fear the title "grandma," it's because I want my boys to be ready. However, when the time comes, they will be ready, even if they aren't. ;)

Ciao bella...enjoy your post.
Congrats on the exciting news!

I saw your comment on Teri's site about older "child's" decisions. You'd probably enjoy an article called Still Chasing That Excitement.
Thank you Andrew for checking out my blog. hope you enjoyed it and continue to "tune" in. pass the word that I'm here to your friends!
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