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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


What's cooking?

what's cooking?
Mrs. Cleaver, I presume...
I can take it-tell me honestly, when you read this column do I sound like a fuddy-duddy?
I would just like to know,
What is it with today's young adults and body art?
Yes, I'm on a personal rant about tattoos. Maybe it's my generation, or my preconceived notion about people who have them, but I am really upset as both my "kids" have stained their beautiful bodies with these things.
Okay, I handled my daughter's pretty well-considering my feelings and my temper. And it was only a 1x1 inch rose on the back of her shoulder that no one can see, not even on her wedding day with a dress that had a plunging back to it.
However, my son....
First, he had his last name "tatted" on the back of his arm in old English. The last letter doesn't even look like the right one! Then a year later, he had the Hebrew symbol for life done on the back of one of his calves, in color no less.
Believe it or not, he thought since it represented something wonderful in our religion, I would like it--this from a full-fledged adult who
knows exactly how I feel about him "disfiguring" the body I gave birth too!
Then this week, he really did it-came home with his formerly "clean" arm with another piece of art! This one starting at his shoulder and going down about 9 inches. Again, he's thrilled (and then some) and keeps putting his once beautiful limb in my face and asking me "how beautiful is this?"
He actually kissed me and thanked me for the support I was giving him! "I really love you for not saying anything about it this time Mom"
I told him I was trying to remember that old adage "that if you can't say anything nice...."
He laughed!
Did I give birth to a piece of canvas or a human being? Am I truly being "Mrs. Cleaver"?
Many people have tattoos and it's a personal decision as to whether or not it's a wise thing to do, given your profession, family background and even health or self-esteem issues.
I will admit, if the artist who put these truly beautiful "works" had carved them in wood, stone or a real piece canvas, I'd think they were quite amazing-especially the detailing on the new one. However, my son is NOT an inanimate object that needs to be decorated!
And now, my son needs me-it seems his artwork needs to be coated with neosporin and it's hurting, he needs an aspirin. Then again, I feel a migraine coming on, I need two aspirin myself and an icepack.

well i have to say i am the more reserved child but a small rose tattoo which is of course my middle name-why is it an issue-its not like i put a huge rose all over my back with thorns coming out of it-and piercing everywhere. we are all young once -and when you were my age maybe tattoos werent the "in "thing to do-maybe burning a bra,cutting your hair off,or voting was the in thing for the women of your generation. Hahaha.. anyways-we all know who the better child is and i am glad for once to finally know its me.. great job on the blog
Dear Carine...sometimes we don't agree, or see "eye to eye" with what our children do to express themselves. It can be a haircut, clothes, music, or other more permanent markers, such as tattoos. It can also be drinking, or drugs, or lack of character or morals. I agree that certain tattoos can live to "haunt" their owners, and break the heart of the owner's mother. But...we can't live our children's lives. We can only try to impart the wisdom we've gained through our own experience. Sometimes, we can't even do that, because they need to experience something themselves to believe it. Rarely do they learn by example once they reach a certain "independent" age.

In closing, let me say that if it is only the tattoos that you have to be worried about, then perhaps it's not that bad. But I do know how you feel when you look at the child you gave birth to, and his skin that you protected for all those years, now branded and marked forever.

Ciao bella...nice rant. ;)
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