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Sunday, August 13, 2006


So Uncool!

Hot, Hot, Hot!
This summer has been so incredibly sweaty and well, gross. I'm sure it's not just here in one of the "Sunshine" states either.
The most miserable part isn't the thermometer-it's the utility bill!
Being in the age group where we learned about the 3 R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), we here in the land of heat, keep our thermostat at a very uncomfortable 80. At least we did until last month. That's when something other than cool air hit the proverbial fan! Our bill was over $250.00! Our little home! Sent my significant other into quite the tizzy. I just felt another hotflash coming on and it wouldn't leave.
Immediately, the thermostat was raised to 83. Then we had whole house fans and an attic fan installed.
"There, that should help", declared the male head of household.
Hah! Yesterday I opened up the latest utility debacle-$270.00-for 3 days less use!
How can that be????
First thing hubby did when he got home was call the 24/7 phone number for our electricity supplier and ask what on earth is going on...
The customer service person told him that the huge need for all of us to stay comfortable during this abnormal summer was causing a severe power shortage, so they had to charge extra for everyone using so much electricity.
I beg to differ. In your home it may be different, but I can assure you, I for one, am far from comfortable. I no longer can tell the difference between a menopausal hotflash and just living with the jacked up thermostat reading.
Our son told us he's cooler working up a sweat at his gym. I believe it. I've taken to sitting in the home office under the room fan-the air's hot, but at least it's moving.
The lovely woman who tried to "cool" my husband off suggested we take further measures in other areas for lowering our bill.
Some helpful hints:
Shut off the computer when your not using it (.10 cents an hour) We always do that, but our son was given notice.
Only run the dishwasher at night (usually do)
Do the laundry in the evenings as well (we work during the day, when else would we do it??)
Even whole house and room fans cost money to run-try cutting their use back (was she serious?)
Fortunately, she did have some good news-it seems the utility company will cut the price of electricity come this winter!
Goody, just in time for us to want to be warm-when the gas rates increase!

Hi, Carine!

I can definitely commisurate with you on this issue. The exhorbitant utility rates on this exclusive little east-coast island of mine are out of control. When I bought my little cape cod (as a single mom 9 years ago), I paid $94 a month for electric (yes, you read it right...but my 2 kids were little, went to bed early and didn't use a computer). Well, now that my household has gone all "Brady", my monthly "budget" electric bill is $295!! Can it be because there are now 4 teens in this house, or did prices really go up THAT much?!?

I still have relatives in CA (one in your town, actually), and you guys, by far, have the worst gas prices I've seen. I guess your utility prices have gone crazy now, too...hang in there! Winter's will be here soon enough (this was the fastest summer I have ever seen)!
Take good care,
...Did I actually say, "you guys" in that post?!? Yikes, my NY is showing!

Blame it on the oil prices. everyone- officials and non officials- justifies the high cost of EVERYTHING under the sun according to the price of the curde oil...i do not buy it one bit. conserve?? very hard to do in 100 degree F heat..this summer is almost over. here in IL it is not enough that we are suffering during the hot summers but we are going to be hit hard during the winter months too..even when i am out of town for months at a time during the winter time i have to keep the home heated at 60 degrees F so the pipes do not freeze and i would have a bigger problem, i had a bill of almost $300...not being at home!!!!!!!!!!! blame it on oil..maybe??
time to find another selution for energy source.
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Good one Carine...I can definitely relate! I must say that it's not the heat that I mind, it's the humidity. I run the air 2- 3 hours daily to get rid of the moisture. Yes, my monthly bill reflects this, but I cannot stand the stickiness!

I run off to the desert, which is dry, and am much more comfortable in hotter weather without the darn humidity.

Ciao bella...stay cool (if you can).
wow! I seem to have hit on a subject that everyone relates too! it is awful this summer. I agree Teri, hubby and I run to PS for a day of play. we never seem to mind the heat, but the humidity has just been awful this year! Feels like our worst family vacation ever, mid-July in Orlando, FLA!
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