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Saturday, December 30, 2006


Welcome 2007

Happy New Year!

Hard to believe that in a couple of days we will all need to get used to using 2007. Personally, I feel like the line that Roxie Hart uses in the show "Chicago" in her "Hi Mom!" number. She's explaining why the murder thing is so wonderful because now she's going to be a star. She figured her time had passed "you see I never intended to be this old".

Now I did intend to be this age, but what I didn't realize is that it would arrive so quickly. I also didn't have any ideas as to what I'd be like. Imagining is so entirely different than reality.

I can remember at my college graduation thinking "all right, news media watch out". But I didn't have a clue that I'd be sexually harassed at the first station, underpaid at the second or fall in love at first sight at the same time as my third offer came waltzing by. Nor did I imagine I would take a 25 year hiatus before doing any serious writing again.

That leads to this end of the year column-I'd love it if anyone reading would share their highlights for 2006 with me! All of you have shared some fairly intimate details of my life and I think it's high time that turnabout is fair play.
Did anyone start a hobby, new career, have a life altering/changing experience?
Have any of you made a resolution-besides the two top ones of losing weight and starting an exercise program?

I'll tell you mine: Become a grandma and a mother of a college graduate. I'm also going to build my strength back up and be able to power walk again by our 26th anniversary trip to Hawaii. I'm also vowing to write more and get paid more for doing so.

Now, it's your turn...

Happy 2007!
Gosh, i need to think a lot about the past year to be able to write..but the most imporant thing that happened to me is the birth of my second granddaughter Amira.
that's wonderful Summer!!! A lot did happen to our family as well.
let's hope 2007 is a special (in a good way) year!

Happy New Year to you and your family! I'm sure 2007 will be a year of good fortune for you!

I think the best thing that happened to me this year was gaining an overall spirituality which led me to a more peaceful outlook on my own life, instead of the frenetic, tumultuous view of myself that I had even a year and a half ago. I came to a place that I never thought I'd arrive at, and the best part is, I haven't even finished the first leg of my "journey" yet! I still have a long way to go, but I'm looking forward to prospering in every step, whether it's spiritually, emotionally, work-wise or even finacially!

This is the year I got back into writing (in all seriousness, thanks to you and Teri), I was able to apply my artistic talents to areas of my job, and just this past month I had the nerve to send in my college application for the spring semester and apply for a promotion at work. These may not seem like big things to the average being, but for someone like me, they were huge. I have never been a "take charge" person unless I was forced into it...but I came to realize that when I WAS faced with being in charge, I was really good at it! So in conclusion, I guess the overall best thing that happened to me is that I was led to find my own self-confidence after not having any for many years. And it affected every area in my life positively.

Whew, sorry to be long-winded...hope that helped!

Take good care,
what do you mean that these steps aren't big ones???
I think you're remarkable to have taken control and make even half of them! Congrats on going back to school and I hope the promotion comes through for you!
Happy New Year and good going girlfriend!
Thank you! :)
that's what cyber-friends are for!
Hi and happy new year! My husband and I had a remarkable experience this fall. One of our much-loved dog/kids ruptured a disk and needed emergency surgery. But the vet hospital's policy is to demand half the cost up front (estimated at $2500-3500) or they won't do the surgery==and they're the only hospital around here that does that type of surgery. And while we were reeling from seeing our baby in such pain, worrying that every passing minute meant he'd be more likely to be paralyzed and were wondering how in the world we would scrape up the $$$, a perfect stranger stepped up and gave us the money. Yes, an absolute stranger GAVE us the money, and refused to be repaid when I scraped up the $$$ a few days later, said it was a gift and not a loan. He and his sister had brought his dog to the hospital for treatment from their homes a couple of hours away and just happened to be in the waiting room that night.

Our baby had his surgery and made a better recovery than the surgeon had dreamed. We cherish him and are grateful every day for the angel who helped us out!
Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story with me! I hope your baby recovers fully. We our animal lovers in this home, that's for sure. Our furry kids are a 10 year old lab/retriever mix, Sunshine and her gray tabby, Pepper
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