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Saturday, December 09, 2006


You Can Go Home Again

Sometimes life hands you a wonderful gift. Going back to an era that you treasure is one. My college years are yellow with time and age, but I remember them as being the best of my teens (I was an eager beaver and went from 16-20). Without a doubt I had a blast.

Now don’t get me wrong. I was pretty much a square. After all, I was younger than all but one classmate (there’s always one) and just because it’s my nature, I didn’t drink, smoke, take drugs or “sleep” with anyone. I really was (and am) a goody-two-shoes. This was the mid-70’s. I mention this mainly because I had three girlfriends who were pretty much the same. I was a broadcast communications major with a dance minor. Two were dance majors and one joined us later as a marketing student. She didn’t dance, except to exercise, but we all got along well. They wound up being my bridesmaids.

After my marriage, we just somehow didn’t see each other. We lost complete track until about two years ago. One day I was sitting at the computer and thought “hmmm, I wonder….”

A few days later, one girlfriend, still stunned, wrote back! This rejuvenation of friendships has happened to me several times thanks to the internet. We started e-mailing back and forth several times a month. Then last week-my husband and I met her for dinner! We had purchased season tickets to the theatre where she just happens to work as the assistant to the director.

This dinner was truly a wonderful gift. Believe it or not-we look pretty much the same. All three of us haven’t put on weight, we sound the same, and we knew who we were without a single bit of double takes “to be sure”. We sat down and pulled out some pictures to update each other on what our remaining family members look like now (we’ve both had some losses in a quarter of a century).

Then we talked and talked and talked. My husband even had fun. My girlfriend said she’s still in contact with the other two women and caught me up with their lives. She says they try to get together for birthday lunches. One’s married and has three adopted children. The other two have always led single and very full lives. Oh and me, married with two grown children. Somehow about to become a grandma.

Deciding this a complete success and a lot of fun-we are going to make these pre-theatre dinners a must. In fact, she’s going to make a very un-birthday time call to our other bridesmaids and we going to try and make this into a real reunion!

Carine, i love your post!!
i would have liked you to describe how you felt when you saw her after this many know, your own thoughts about it..but i enjoyed reading. make sure you write another post about your meeting with your two other friends if it ever happens. thanks for sharing.
thank you summer, just read yours as well. I happen to think that "homey" meals are the best. You're right, I should have described how I felt, but I tend to write with brevity in mind! sometimes I get carried away!

I think reunions with old friends are the best. To me, they make one feel younger, not older--almost as if not a day has gone by since you last saw each other, even if it's been years.

Keep us updated on the future get-together with your other friends! Thanks for sharing a great story.

Take good care,
thank you lisa, yes it did make us feel as if we were those youthful college co-eds who were ready to become the next broadway gypsies and for me being a journalist as well. I hope we can keep our promise and continue to have many more reunions!
Glad you enjoyed the trip down memory lane chica. It's always fun to share the past and the present old friends who knew us when. It's also fun to reconnect and make new memories with old friends.

Ciao bella...have a great week.
you are so right Teri! We are both anticipating the 19th to see each other again!
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