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Saturday, February 10, 2007


A Loaf of Bread, A Jug of Wine

Okay, it was appetizers and a single glass of chardonnay during happy hour-but it was still a unique occasion.

This was my first (and more than likely my last) glass of wine in a decade.

As a person who takes various medications for a chronic illness, I am used to not imbibing-but a strange "window" of opportunity had occurred so--I decided to go for it!

My wonderful hubby and I went to a fun restaurant that probably had this born and bred Southern Californian couple in mind when they put it together. Beachy decor, eclectic farm fresh menu, cement floors, walls and ceilings covered with an art gallery full of surf pictures and surfboards-with the artists there to talk too and live music.

Since our work schedules have us at opposite ends of the "days off" arrangement, to us dinner out alone is akin to a romantic weekend getaway. When I ordered the glass, my spouse looked at me with both shock and pleasure. Shocked because he couldn't believe I had made this bold, rebellious decision. Pleasure because he thought this would provide him with a rendezvous later on or a good laugh, possibly both.

I should reveal, I've never, ever been a drinker. Must be my rather petite frame. The outcome has always been the same: I'm always honest, but after a few sips, my ability to be tactful seems to wane. Then I get very relaxed and declare I have to go to sleep. Ten years did NOT change a thing.

We enjoyed dinner. When asked how I liked my choice (a new item on the menu)I believe I said the service was very nice and my dinner was different-I then suggested they re-think what went into the "bali rolls" -they had a funny taste. Then my husband said I told an artist that I loved his work, especially the way he painted the eyes-except for the poor model that he made look demonic.

This was on a mere 6 ounces of wine!

Later, when we got home, our son took one look at me and asked if I was having one of my migraines? My hubby answered "No, your mom actually drank a glass of wine"

"Oh, you don't drink-but that explains the look. I guess dad's taping CSI for you, huh?"
Add "Criminal Minds" to that. I barely made it through "Bones". You now have an inkling of how my evening went. For once, I was the one snoring.

And so it goes, some people are meant to be wine connoisseurs and the rest of us just get an occasional good night's sleep.

Even if it's once in ten years.

Hi Carine-

I must admit, I love my wine--but alas, like you, I am a lightweight also and get "tipsy" faster than I care to admit! And a more recent development has been the physical reactions that I get to certain wines--the headaches, the overall sickness--even with just one glass. So now I have to be very careful about what I drink when I'm out--and if I go to a friend's house, I make sure to bring a wine that "agrees" with me! Tacky, but true.

My kids always know when I've had a glass of wine, and I must admit, it's getting pretty embarrassing! They all know I have no tolerance! But it's really one thing that I love once in a while. And it has it's health benefits...even Jesus turned water into wine!

Take good care,
thank you lisa,I had fun-hubby said he still gets the giggles 4 days later. no one can say I'm boring!
Well at least you made hubby laugh! I too am a very happy drinker,,,I love a good Chardonnay!
And in the summer, its coolers on the deck! I only drink at home on family occasions, and yes, I've been told,,I'm wacky, fun and never boring! Now that is the ultimate compliment!
Years ago, I used to go out drinking with my gal pals and a few drinks later, I would give my phone number to anyone and everyone,,,I love everybody when I drink. Don't ask how many times I've had my phone number changed!
But that's when I was young and crazy,,now I'm older, smarter and still crazy! lol.

I love your writing! I can actually see you in the setting--that to me is GOOD WRITING.

I call alcohol "truth serum" I always loved going to the Holiday Parties given by the station I used to work for because then you found out the "scoop" on everybody! :)

Thanks so much for sharing!

Peace & Blessings,
Beverly Mahone
Author, Whatever! A Baby Boomer's Journey Into Middle Age
matty, I'm finding a whole lot of soul sisters on this one-maybe as much as the coffee!
Thank you Bev, I am honored by your compliment. You had the career that I started out wishing for-hope you keep coming back!
Lot's of fun in this one chica. Thanks for the laugh...and hope you didn't get a headache to go with that good night's sleep.

Ciao bella...enjoy!
Great topic and sounds like my favorite kind of restaurant. I think I was born for food & wine pairing - I definitely take after my dad that way. You are so funny but I do find that if you drink rarely, then you are more likely to have this kind of reaction.
Teri, glad you enjoyed this one-maybe that coffee, rather than a drink, should be our goal!
of course, once Weds morning rolls around, I'm sure my "window" will be re-sealed!
Kathy, thanks so much for stopping by and enjoying! I have been trying to post over at your site, at least a couple of times, keeps booting me off!
Carine, Happy V day!!
really funny post...i am still laughing out loud!!
have a wonderful day..
I even laugh when I read some of these columns!
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