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Sunday, March 25, 2007


Women's History Month Contest

I know, I usually do not write more than one column for you all to hopefully laugh at in a given week-but this is special!

A very good friend of mine-Bev Mahone, better known as BabyBoomerBev is having a writing contest for Women's History Month. If you want to find out the details and enter, you'd better hurry-it ends at the end of this month!

Go to:

Now, very carefully, keep scrolling down and read this week's column:

No Autographs Please!

I think your pal is selling an ebook and you get to answer a history test. I don't think this is a writing contest.,although there is a prize of $75 if you are chosen.

I enjoyed your post 'No autographs please' must have felt like a princess. Hope you took some pics. Have a great week!
Matty, Bev does have some books, but I know she's on the level with the contest. I think there actually 2 prizes.
Glad you enjoyed the post. It was quite the experience!

The Women's History Month contest is on the level. You don't have to purchase anything to enter. The ebook I'm selling has ALL of the correct answers but you don't have to buy the book to enter the contest. The winners will be announced on Friday.
Sorry if I was misunderstood. I was just stating that its not a 'writing contest',,,,,,its a history test. I know its on the 'up and up'.
I hope you win. Have a great weekend!
glad it's cleared up!
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