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Friday, May 18, 2007


I Won!

I won a Mother's Day writing contest on No not 1st place, I received 4th. The winning is special, but not as special as the judges reading my words and liking the way I put them together. It makes me feel good. No, I take that back-I feel great.

The prize doesn't matter (okay it does). What does is being told that what you do and how you do it touches someone else in such a way that they want to recognize you for it. Especially when they are NOT related to you in anyway!

My mom and dad get teary-eyed and give me a hug. My significant other (you've heard of him, my own personal knight in shining armor) can say "wow". The children I gave birth too can say something akin to "I didn't know you could write like this" and mean it in a sincerely complimentary way.

But when wonderful people, such as those of you who are reading this column now, take the time to let me know that this is a job well done-Well! That's when my heart and hear just soar!

When someone ask-so what did you win? I honestly have to go back to the website and re-read my prize! I just become so overwhelmed by the recognition I forget that there's actual "loot" involved. This time the essay and maybe a picture will be included in Bev Mahone's next ebook! What could possibly be more exciting, except someone offering to publish a real book of my own?????

My son-the handsome, tattooed, soon to be a UCI graduate was more practical, he wanted to use my talents to edit what is to be his last undergraduate term paper. My pleasure, I also happen to be terrific with a red marker.

My co-workers think I'm hilarious. "Carine-you get 4th place out of about 170 entrants and you don't care beyond that? Why not?"

I suppose it's a legitimate query. My daughter just shook her head-"Mom, you're so good at writing-quit the day job and go for it" Obviously she is my adventurous one.

The answer to the above: When I write, I put my all into the words and they are what matter. Whether it's an article about "The Importance of Early Intervention in Rheumatoid Arthritis", a restaurant review, an article on baking or a column here on "What's Cooking"-it's part of who I am.

To be recognized for the worth of your passion is the prize, the rest is some mighty nice extras.

Congratulations! Isn't it lovely to be validated like that? Good for you! I bet you'll be floating all week on the praise.
I am Matty, although, after I proofed this column 4 times-I found a bit of errata. And that just yanks my chain.
Congrats, Carine! I love what your mother said about not doing anything you didn't want on the LA Times. :)

And no matter how many times we edit our work, writers can always find something they'd like to change. :)
you're so right Kathy. Right now,I'm having keyboard issues. I have to pound out each letter. #3 here I come
Congratulations!!! I am really happy for you!
thank you summer, hope you're still having a great time with lots of fun events!

I have always been fond of your writing and you certainly deserve the accolades coming your way. When you look at the quality reputation of the judges involved (EXCLUDING ME), you'll see that you definitely rank among the best.

Peace & Blessings,
Beverly Mahone
Whatever! A Baby Boomer's Journey Into Middle Age
Thank you so much for all your support. I not only looked at the fine quality of the judges, but of the other writers. That's but another reason this is so special.
When you sign in, you click on Customize...then Page Elements...then 'Add a page element'..takes you to another 'List'....give it a name like..Favorite blogs or favorite reads......then save changes.
Later...when you make a list of your favorite blogs, the name and the url.........go back to on edit..on the right you will see 'favorite blogs' there....add your save.
Hope that helps.

Print this out...follow closely..I'm sure you'll get it.
Matty, I will try this. summer tried twice and it didn't take! Maybe your directions will turn out more successfully!
Read your story there. I liked how using a few well chosen words, you created a revealing portrait of not only your own mother, but of yourself and your daughter as well. Nicely done.
Thank you Dave. sometimes, as we all know, the puzzle pieces just fit seamlessly.
Congrads on winning a prize with Bev's Mother's Day contest. That is SOOO awesome. And thank you for commenting on my blog ( as well. I love to write too, however, have not yet made of over to ezine articles to submit my work.
I look forward to getting to know you better as we are both of fan of Beverely's.


Teresa Morrow
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thank you for visiting Teresa. hope we visit each other often!
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