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Thursday, May 24, 2007


NYC-Here We Come!

My daughter and I are celebrating, just the two of us. It was all her idea. I've mentioned my eldest-new mom, just turned 25, made me a grandmother.

She has a talents I wish I had! The ability to pick out the best gifts ever (I stink at it, trust me) and her wild abandon to travel. I love to travel, but I'm so darn practical and price and time conscious that I hesitate-alot. Sarah, she just goes for it!

So with that said-a couple of months ago she went onto and booked us plane tickets and a hotel room for Memorial Day weekend in New York City! "Mom, we're going to have a girl's weekend. I am now 25 and you're going to be 50-so off we go to celebrate these landmark years!"

The whole thing-she planned it all! The red eye flight, a 6 hour bus tour for Sunday and the plane home on Monday. For Saturday, she told me to e-mail a friend from high school and let him know I'll be in town so we could meet! Now the arrangements are: check in at about 8 a.m., shower, change and take a cab to Chelsea Market and meet him and his friend for brunch. They'll take us through the market (I'm not the only foodie!) and then to Green St., 5th Ave. (a girl's gotta shop for some reason), see Central Park, Rockefeller Center, parts of Soho that have been deemed "interesting" and wherever else life will take us.

I'm not sure sleep is even on the docket. My son-in-law warned me that Sarah didn't let him sleep for the entire 3 weeks they were in Europe last summer.

I am in awe of how my daughter is able to do all of this-where did she get this internal freedom to be so daring??? It definitely wasn't from me. And it is truly an art.

While the practical, level headed me is scared to death (2 women alone in NYC?), the buried adventurer in me is fighting to get out.

What I'm really looking forward to is the 72 hours I will get to spend with my wonderful daughter. For even with my talent to write touching, funny articles-my ability to let her know how much she means to me doesn't always wax as poetic as I'd prefer.

Wish us bon voyage, we are flying very high.


You will have a maahhvelous time in NYC. I wish I wasn't going to PA this weekend, I'd pop up for 1/2 hour just to meet you!!

You give me hope that my daughter and I will someday have a wonderful relationship...and not so much of this "tug-o-war" that we go through every day while she's a teenager.

Have a great sure to write about it when you get back!!
Been to NYC once and it was a blast. Remember, New York is the city that never sleeps, so you shouldn't either.

I plan our travels obsessively, but would welcome something spontaneous, especially if someone else were making the arrangements.

From our NYC trip I remember that SoHo stands for "south of" some myriad street there. Little Italy and Chinatown are there I think.
thank you Lisa, we're a little sedated from the meclizine (airsickness in our family)but we are looking forward to this. wish you could've joined us!
Dave, spontanity is in Sarah's blood! I will definitely have some stories to tell!
Have a fabulous time!! I can't wait to hear all about it.
thank you Kathy! do you think I'd be making Cyn proud?
Sounds like a wonderful time! I, too, love being with my daughters, but doubt that I could make it without any sleep. Perhaps, she should be a travel agent --- then you could take trips all the time. I have a grandson at Nyack College (outside N.Y.C.) that I think I should visit, because I haven't been to New York since the sixties. We left the St. Moritz and the lights went out for the whole city for a couple of days. Lucky for us --- we had been on the 14th floor.
When my daughter graduated from law school we wanted to get her a memorable gift, a nice expensive watch, but she asked us not to! She wanted to go on a trip with me! She chose the place, and we both flew from Chicago to Turkey for 11 great days and it was wonderful to visit that country but more wonderful to spend that time with my daughter!
Kacey, just walked back in the door, literally. It was wonderful. We didn't get much rest, but I'm sure we saw more than I personally thought 2 people ever could. I highly recommend you going back.
Summer, it was a wonderful trip. MOre memories than one would think possible.
too bad it was only the brief few days!
I know you're back now. I'm glad to hear you had a wonderful time. Time to get some rest, and relive the memories.
thanks ruthie, then you probably also know, I'll be using alternate methods of exercise. darn.
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