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Saturday, June 23, 2007


Trying to Learn


The above contest is on a very fun, well-respected site. I've decided to enter my post entitled "I Confess" from January 20th, 2007. Check it out, it's one of's favorites as well. To check out the entire site go to

With a title of "I Confess" I had to take a peak. LOL! I remember when my dh told me he had something to confess - I held my breath and then he told me he watched soap operas. Ha!
Well now you know Kathy! I have 4 vices, although these 4 are so tame compared to other peoples, that alone makes it a hoot. True, but a hoot!
Not a fan of crossword puzzles, except for a particular type called a double-crostic. And then, I only play the one that's in GAMES magazine. And then, only when I'm on vacation.

I do have a crossword puzzle dictionary, though. It makes a good thesaurus.
how true! I have this big old encyclopedic dictionary-love it and I learn constantly
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