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Friday, July 06, 2007


8 Random Facts

I actually had a whole other subject for this week planned. But another wonderful blogger-Kacey from Cookie's Oven tagged me! So I'm it. The story about Bambi committing suicide on my son's car will wait until next week. (Is that a good teaser, or what?)

It's about 8 random facts about me. Now, honestly, I'm not all that complicated or interesting, so this took some thought.

We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.

*Players start with 8 random facts/habit about themselves.
*People who are tagged need to write their own log about their 8 things and post these rules. At the end of your blog post, you need to chose 8 people to get tagged and list their names.

*Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged and to read your blog!

And so here it is:

Random fact #1: I am loyal-to a fault.

Random fact #2: If you show me you aren't worthy of the above devotion and truly cross me in any serious way-you are dead to me. Ask a certain dead person who used to be a family member.

Random fact #3: When you ask me a question, you'd better want a truthful answer. I think in straight lines, therefore I answer frankly, I rarely sugarcoat. So you know if you say "Do you like this outfit?" and I say it looks good-it probably is the nicest thing I've ever seen you wear.

Random fact #4: I believe everyone has the right to make and correct their own mistakes. It's nice if you learn from the errors of others, but there's no rule that says you have to do it differently. Besides, the old teacher in me thinks you learn more that way.

Random fact #5: Quiet time is something I not only need, but savor. I'm just not your 3 ring circus kind of gal. During my days off, I don't even turn on the television, unless I'm doing my prescribed Exercycle time.

Random fact #6: I am what appears to be a complete anomaly. I may be a woman, but I hate shopping. Unless it's a grocery store. I like to shop the produce section. I can shop for produce a long time and be perfectly content.

Random fact #7: Being a homebody is perfectly all right with me. I love cooking, baking and spending time with my family. I consider a day with them in my home one of my more successful times.

Random fact #8: I used to be a perfectionist and drive everyone crazy. Then I got rheumatoid arthritis. This taught me it's okay NOT to make my entire world nuts with my demands on myself and ask them for help. It's brought us closer.

And that's it, not written in any particular order, just 8 random facts about little, middle-aged me.

As for who I'm tagging? Hmmmm....
Tag: Yana, Bev, Kathy, Lisa, Dana, Sarah
Okay, I was going to tag Dave, Teri and Summer, but Kacey already did!

Great could have been writing about me! I do like food shopping but not clothes shopping..I find it very frustrating.
Sorry to hear about the arthritis...must be more difficult in wet weather.
Have a great week!
yep, and the humidity isn't exactly my friend. And the cold. I think that's why I never want to leave Orange County, CA. Yes, I am the real live Housewife Of OC! LOL
There you are--- behind the Orange Curtain with Teri!
I like your random facts, Carine, but am curious to know who is involved in #2.... a very close relative? I'm left wishing I could be as honest as you, but fear that I am never going to learn that I have the right to tell people what I think.... without having to grovel at their feet for forgiveness. I need to give you my secret address ...

and tell you to read "The Decoy Duckess". It will prove that I am a complete wimp. I save this blog for occasional rants that I don't want relatives to see.
I'm sorry about your RA ... anything rheumatoid is a real bit*h!
thank you Kacey, I'm honored! I'll write it down and check it out.
I prefer to think of "that woman" as someone who best remains 6'under. It was my father's mother. She was certifiable. She did too many things to even begin. We only went to her funeral to support Dad, it never occured to the few who were there to feel anything for her-believe me, she earned the contempt. And then some.
Yeah, I'm with you on the quiet time. Often when I'm alone driving in the car, I'll even turn off the radio. My two boys can't understand that at all. No music in the car when you're driving??! They think it's weird.
my husband can't understand how I can go entire days w/o turning on a TV. I like it. I can think!
very interesting... take care and happy Tuesday :)
shelby, welcome and hope you enjoyed it enough to return! Glad you stopped by.
Carine - I also don't like shopping. And I had already been tagged for this one a while back, which I changed it up and called it "8 Things You May Not Know About Writing Real Women Wear Red." I reposted it on the Real Women Wear Red blog. :)
good choice-why not pare it down to show people what it takes to come up w/ a fun novel to read!

I posted the eight facts on my Fab40 blog!
good to see you Lisa!
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