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Friday, July 13, 2007


Bambi Commits Suicide!!!

Dear readers: This was the column I had planned for last week. I will let you know the outcome at the end.

My mom has said many times "Everything has a good reason for happening"


I would love for someone-ANYONE-to explain why a young stag would jump out of a nice safe forest and ram himself into an oncoming car?

My son (the recent graduate) was leaving his girlfriend's house around midnight. He had just straightened out the wheels and was going 15 MPH. When all of a sudden he caught sight of something on the passenger headlight and BAM-it rams into him.

He saw its eyes, the neck snap and down the poor little guy went. Then my son saw his mom poke her head out of the trees and see her dead child.

He called his dad and I, we were half-asleep "Mom I killed a deer! It was just a baby!"

No matter-I suggested calling the police. His girlfriend's mom called the security guard and he took the report and the "body".

After the initial event, our son saw his bumper had been somewhat "smushed". The "almost two grand and a week without a car type" of smush. He also couldn't sleep for a few nights.

What do you tell the insurance agent? Is it a freak accident? An act of God?

While his is a rather strange turn of events for Orange County California-I found that in other parts of the country this is a common occurrence. I was on one of my favorite discussion boards and mentioned what happened-over 20 people responded with stories of their own "deer adventures"!

Most let me know how lucky our son was-that many had their cars totalled. Many had been seriously hurt and some had stories of death!

The best related bit (for me, not the teller) was a woman who said she had had 4 similar encounters! None had ended up with a dead deer, but she had hit the same deer twice. She said she knew because of the familiar bald spot!

One friend said that when she lived in Tennessee, she had hit an owl. She was so upset, she made her husband get the poor bird and rush it to the animal shelter. It died. She had nightmares for several days!

So if my mom is correct and everything happens for a reason-Tell me:


Epilogue: The insurance company claimed it was an act of God and my son's deductible was far less than what it would have been. He's been bumming rides all week. And he finally had a good night's sleep.

In my little part of Canada this is an everyday occurrence. So far I've been lucky but my driving is limited to daytime only. Your son was lucky to hit a fawn...any bigger and his car would have been a lost cause. Many people have died in our area...and many cars and trucks have been totalled.
Apparently the deer get blinded by the lights and freeze.
My son totalled his car last year hitting a large deer. I just thanked God for that. He can always get another car, but I can't get another son.
so we found out Matty! Here it is far from everyday. In fact his girlfriend's mom has lived there for years and had never seen one!
after hearing so many other tales, we are just so happy that it was just what it was and nothing more!
Matty is right about it being common in other parts of the country and in Canada. I hit a full size deer on my way home from a 3 to 11 shift at the hospital or rather a deer hit me. It took my rear view mirror right smack off and dented a few things. There was a police car sitting about a quarter of a mile away at a country crossing and I drove up to him to see if he could shoot it and put it out of it's misery. When we got back to the site, the deer had hobbled off into the woods around a deep quarry. The cop said I was really lucky that it didn't hit in the front of the car. If they come over the hood feet first and go through the windshield, they can kill the driver while flailing about with their sharp feet inside your front seat. The darn deer didn't carry any insurance either!
so my son found out! Thankfully, for him, State Farm claimed it an act of God and lowered his deductible from $500 down to %50. Poor guy. I don't think he'll get over this anytime soon.
Thankfully you to were shaken but unhurt Kacey!

It's funny, I always look for the reason or the lesson when strange things happen...and there probably is one somewhere, but it might be months, even years before you figure it out! Thank God he's ok. That's the main thing!
yes, that's what we feel-especially after all the stories that I heard that were not this lucky
Car deer accidents are very common in Michigan also. Within the past year I was driving--in the city of Ann Arbor!--early one evening when I heard a tremendous bang on the side of my mini-van. Looked in the rear view mirror to see a deer floudering in the road. He did right himself and run on, but boy did he put one big dent in the side of my car.
the more I hear, the more I'm glad he was okay and the car was only out of commission for a week!
Sorry to hear about your sons accident. These things happen frequently around here. My brothernlaws whole front end was totalled.
I've been hearing a lot of this since my son's accident. I'm reading from the top down. so I'm seeing all your lovely posts backwards.
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