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Monday, July 30, 2007


Help? Maybe?

As I am quick to point out, I am not computer savvy, in the least! Kacey, from made me aware of a contest, that if I win, they will help me out with the look of my column here!
Hopefully this works-

By posting this, they say I might be the winner of a makeover!
Cross your fingers everyone! I just might finally get my favorites linked!

Please do read this week's musings while you're here!

Well I hope you win good luck to you.
thank you Jadey. Again, I'm so happy you've joined me over here! Do you have a blog?
Oh, Carine---we are such losers! I did the Splot thing, but knew I didn't have a chance, because I never win anything. Oh, I take that back --- I won by having you come to my blog. And about not being computer savvy--- you are right! Click on Jadey's name in her comment and it takes you right to her blog!
really! Thank you Kacey-I'll try that right now! It was so nice to see that she came over and read my work-I would love to find out more about her! Do you think I'm horribly hopeless????
Hi Carine,

Hate to do this to you but you have officially been tagged now you need to go to my blog and cut and paste the 40 question survey have fun and enjoy!!!
I'll go write over! I did just post my blog jadey and I was tagged a couple of weeks ago by Kacey, so I'll use it for next week!
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