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Friday, July 27, 2007


Simple or Complicated?

An interesting question was recently posed on a large women's magazine website in their general discussion area which really got me thinking:

Do you think of yourself as being a simple or a complicated soul?

I pondered for quite a while about this, then decided it might make for an interesting article.

Personally, I've always felt I'm a pretty simple, easy to figure out sort. I think very logically, always organized and I'm linear in my way of carrying out a task.

My mom describes me this way: As a child, if I asked Carine to ask a neighbor if I could borrow an egg, this is how it would go: Carine would say sure, walk out the front door, down the driveway, walk over and up the neighbor's driveway to their front door. She'd ring the doorbell, ask politely to borrow the egg, wait at the threshold until the neighbor came back with the said egg, thank her and leave. Then Carine would go back down the driveway and up ours, walk in the door and hand me the egg. 5 minutes, job done.

Then my mom would describe how my sister (6 years younger) would do the same task.
Felicia would say sure, walk out the door and down the driveway, cross the street over to whoever was outside and ask them what they were doing. She'd proceed anywhere she might see a type of life form, asking questions, playing, chasing birds and a host of other movements. She might go back for her bike or into a friend's house for a TV show. About an hour or so later, my mom would go outside and just start hollering "Felicia, where are you? It's time to come home!" She'd come back, without the egg.

So, with these descriptions in play, I am the simple one, uncomplicated one.

However, if you ask others, their view of me might very well be quite different.

I'm a woman who hates fussiness and shopping. Yet I enjoy the results when I finally dress up. I'm quite old-fashioned. Never would I have considered to live with my husband without marriage. Yet, I'm the first to defend any one's right to do just that, because I feel IT'S NONE OF MY BEESWAX!!

While I like to make everything I need to do as easy as possible. I'm also a very hard worker who feels you get out of whatever you do by how much you put of yourself into whatever it may be. I'll work 30 hours for free on an article that I'm passionate about. I don't believe in using shortcuts when making up a new dish and I don't read the end of my latest medical thriller first. I just don't cut corners.
I figure it will come back and bite me in a most uncomfortable place if I do.

To ask a person how they view themselves is simple. To answer the question (especially if you do it honestly) is really quite complicated.

Hi Carine
Great Ccolumn! I love the way your mom would describe you and your sister. That gets the point home. I think that I am a mixture of both, you know. I am easy going, logical, somewhat organized, but I could be the most complicated person on the planet because I am a mishmash of everything. I dabble in everything, my thinking is very liberal, and yet I can be prudish about so much when it comes to me.

I can be a procrastinator and yet I can met a deadline like nobody's business. I am lazy and have the art of lounging down to a tee and yet I am the hardest working person that I know, next to my husband.

I have a great sense of humour and yet, at times, I can be quite serious. I dunno, maybe it's the Libra in me. I swing back and forth on the scales, but I like to think that it makes me interesting. Nice question, though. Food for thought. Complicated? Me? My husband would say a definite, yes! But, then so would most men.
Great post, Carine! I have a sister just like yours.....that girl would go to the store for 2 items....come home hours later with nothing. She's still a
Thanks for coming by 'Photo Hunter'.....yes for sure my granddaughter is a cutie...and more creative than I am.
my sister is a Libra! She's very hard working as well. sometimes a little too hard working-always has to be living in a "3-ring" circus! I too have a good sense of humor, yet when I'm serious, you dare not cross me! That, I'm sure, is the scorpio in me.
matty, I too am far from creative when it comes to the art stuff! I'm quite good w/ my minolta, but even those pictures take me back to my journalistic ways-very direct, get the point of the pictures across!
loved the hat though, wish I could pull off something like that.
Carine, really nice post...I read it yesterday but did not want to be the first one to leave a also made me think! :)
i am a very easy going person.It takes a lot to get me upset, but when i do , i tend to get over it quickly...I am organized in some things but not too organized with others...i tend to hide things in special places so i won't forget, but i do!! i am a spontaneous planner! i like to plan ahead but i like to have space for spontaneity. I would like to think of myself as a simple soul...complications in anything do not appeal to me!!!
Thanks for your post, really nice!
thank you summer. Glad to see you over here. I've been reading (and posting)over at your blog. You are going through quite a time. I hope everything levels out for you and your loved ones sooner rather than later.
Interesting blog but it's hard for me to relate. Men are such simple creatures. And by the time they're my age, men have stopped trying to unravel the complexities of women. I have, anyway. Life is too short.

I have noticed that your blogs are rather straightforward and simple, perhaps a reflection of your character. I appreciate that. It makes it easy to respond.
I try to write for everyone-thanks for the compliment, I think?

I do like this article and the question. I think of myself as quite simple as well. So I think if I were to ask other people like you they would say the exact opposite but I am sticking to my story as far as I am concerned it is the honest truth and knowing that I don't think I will get bit in an uncomfortable place lol.
jadey, Welcome big time! Thank you for stopping by and enjoying. Hope you keep coming back and tell others. How did you hear of my blog?
I think it is so hard to give an honest evaluation of one's self. I don't know --- just can't make up my mind whether I am simple or complicated. I do know that I love order, rules, neatness; so that I can remain within the parameters of whatever???? I was a scrub nurse for C-Sections and loved setting up the surgical fields and remembering the wonderful order of everything. Sudden, crash sections made me very nervous and the chaos of getting a live baby out of a bad situation was hard on my nerves --- especially since my tables and instruments were a mess, but sterile! I'm not very good at flying by the seat of my pants --- I make lists and fuss at whatever I am doing, because if it is worth doing ---it is worth doing right. What do you think, Carine? Am I simple or complicated or just plain nuts?
well Kacey, if your nuts, so am I, and I think both of us are pretty darn special. I also have to have order-everything has a place and I want the place to have the right piece in it. I'm also quite a list maker-I like checking things off as I go. I wonder if all of us are a little simple and a little complicated???
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