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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Thank You!

Thank You
Dear readers,
Just wanted to share with you some very nice, heartwarming news! Dawn Prince, who created one of my favorite websites: has honored me with The Bloggers Reflection award.

Those of you who haven't gone to Dawn's site, should surf right on over! I did list her a few weeks ago as one of my favorites. She has some very interesting articles and columnists that cover a multitude of women's subjects.

Thank you Dawn for the recognition!

Thought that site looked familiar. Another blogging buddy had a post there and I was going to subscribe until I learned that I had to wear lipstick. Seriously, that's one of the requirements.

So you're not a "happy camper", eh. I think my wife would prefer something else too, even Motel 6. But it's cheap, the dogs can come, the kids usually enjoy it, and it's become tradition after a dozen or so years.

But every year both my wife and sister-in-law say "this is the last time" afterwards.
I can understand. I love my bath tubs, at the very least indoor plumbing-must be the day job!

I wasn't able to locate anything about it on; can you post the exact link?

Thanks, and congrats!!!!
You are welcomed. Looking for your friday post!
Lisa, it's mentioned in Dawn's blog post. not a direct root, but it's in the blog on
I'm on it Dawn! thanks again for the award and the mention
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