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Friday, August 10, 2007


Tag-I'm a Baby Boomer Diva!

This is a bit of a different week.

First-I have to mention some wonderful news! Bev Mahone-the wonderful author of "Whatever, A Baby Boomer's Guide into Middle Age" made me one of her inaugural Baby Boomer Divas! Yes I am AND I am in some pretty distinguished company. Besides Bev (check out her websites, and, Kathy Holmes-author of the new book "Real Women Wear Red", Natalie Cole, Vanessa Williams, Deidre Hall and now Diane Keaton are all part of this fun entourage. Check out the first mentioned site of Bev's to see all the Baby Boomer Divas-it even has our pictures available for viewing.

Next, I actually see that my recipe was published in Simple and Delicious! I say actually, because not always do you see what has been promised to be published make it to print. Okay, they renamed my salad, but they did print my little blurb and the recipe correctly (which is more than Family Circle did!), so I'm pretty proud of that.

and last, I have been "tagged" by fellow blogger Jadey, just after I posted last week's column. I promised her I would post the answers this week, so here they are:

. What is your middle name?= Inez
2. what color pants are you wearing=a short black sleeveless tee dress
3. What are you listening to now= nothing, it’s quiet
4. What was the last thing you had to drink= water
5. Do you wish on Stars= Without a doubt
6. If you were a crayon what color would you be?=Today I think red
7. How is the weather today?=Hot, hot and humid
8. Last person you spoke to on the phone?=one of the guys I work with at my day job
9. Do you like the person that sent this to you= yes
10. Favorite drink= coffee w/ sweet and low
11. Favorite sport=love to watch soccer.
12. Hair Color= medium brunette
13. Siblings?= one sister, 6 years younger
14. Favorite month=April, our anniversary
15. Favorite Food?=if it’s a veggie, I’m in
16. What was the last movie you saw in theaters?=God only knows
17. Favorite day of the year= whatever day I can spend w/ my hubby
18. what do you do to vent anger=get quiet and give the evil eye
19. What was your favorite toy as a child=my kewpie doll, still have her
20. Summer or Winter=Summer
21. Hugs or kisses=both I love to be cuddled and snuggled but I love a nice soft sensual turn passionate and heated kiss.
22. Car or motorcycle=Car
23. Chocolate or vanilla=Mocha
24. Do you want your friends to do this survey? would be nice but who knows!
25. Who is most likely to do this survey? =obviously me.
26. Who is least likely to respond= can never tell
27. When was the last time you cried=don’t know
28. What is under your bed?= dog and cat toys.
29. Who is the friend that you have had the longest?= still in touch w/ a friend from when I was barely 6. Also a college girlfriend, we met in 1976. Plus hubby, since 1980
30. What did you do last night? Had dinner w/ hubby and our son, had a quiet evening
31. What are you afraid of=not being able to do what I want physically
32. Plain, buttered, or salted popcorn=light spray of butter flavored pam w/garlic salt
33. Favorite car=my little PT Cruiser
34. Favorite Flower= roses, definitely
35. how many keys on your keyring= I don’t know, I have 3 different sets
36. How many years at your job=almost 2 years at the present day job
37. What did you do on your last birthday?=not much, my foot was broken and I wasn’t allowed to put any weight on it, I was pretty confined.
38. how many states have you lived in?= one
39. Did you have fun doing this?= Sure why not.
40. Who are you going to send this to? Hmmm, Kacey, Matty, Summer, Lisa and Yana

Next week-I"ll be back to my usual musings!

Thanks for the tag, Carine --- I did it right away and it was fun. Now I have something for you --- it will help with your linking and such---
I just came across it and it looks like a winner!
thank you kacey! I will mosey on over and hopefully get some handy dandy help/tips that my brain can comprehend!
I read this on Fab40, and I've known that you were a Diva all along...just the way you look at things as a Diva knows who she. Congrats on the recipe thing. Simple and Delicious, even I have heard of that. By the way, you still have your doll? How precious is that? You're a gem, Carine. Have a good week ahead.
Hi Dawn, Yes I do, she's up in the closet awaiting the arrival of my next grandchild. I would have given it to Dylan, but, ahem, I don't think the little guy would find her too manly-and he already really loves the girls! Since our daughter is "all up front", I'm figuring #2 is a girl and she'll love my kewpie!
OH Carine, i just found out about this tag! thanks...i will do it as soon as i get to write in my seems like a fun tag. thanks for thinking of me :)
of course I am always thinking of you and many other fellow cyber buddies! it is a bit long, but thanks to cut/paste (something I have mastered)it's thankfully quick!
Congrats on being the next Baby Boomer Diva. Guess I wouldn't qualify.

So you enjoy watching soccer. I'm assuming it's watching the kids play, not the adults. Though I hear that Beckham finally scored a goal for your "hometown" team last night.

My son said our team (myself and my two sons) were invited to play in a three-versus-three tournament this weekend. Did that last year. I still have wounds. I told my son that "I'm retired."
yes, loved to watch my son play. my daughter was quite the goalie. son even played in college. Like to watch the pros as well-especially the women
Hi just wanted to let you know that I have tribute to a bunch of colors up on the blog
thanks for stopping by jadey!
Carine , i would like you to know that i have done my homework!! :) i answered your tag on my blog...thanks, it was a fun tag.
I saw that summer-it was a fun read, left a comment on your site!
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