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Friday, August 24, 2007


Too Many Doctors

It has been observed by many that as we get older we seem to spend way too much of our spare time with those in the medical profession.

This week several fellow baby boomers have been packing up, gassing up (their cars, not their bodies, maybe)and leaving their homes to have surgery, take important tests and visit various doctors and/or specialists. What fun!

Lately, as I get closer to the half century mark (I can't believe I just wrote that)I find myself trying to fit the day job in around my various appointments.

True, I swear: I wrote the rough draft for this story while waiting to be called in for the latest of who knows how many physical therapy sessions.

Now I certainly cannot speak for anyone else but me, but I am sick of all the moments I endure waiting to see and be seen by someone working in any kind of medical building!

Take this past month:
8 physical therapy sessions
3 trips to the pharmacy
2 visits to the rheumatologist
1 lab
1 x-ray
1 dentist
And a partridge in a pear tree. Everyone-please sing a long!

If I didn't know better-I'd swear I was past sick and moving on to dying.

At least I'm seeing pleasant people, who seem to have my well-being at heart. I hope. Especially my rheumatologist, after 10 years, I've begun greeting him with "Hi Randy, how's the wife and family?"

He calls me Carine. Always has.

I'm going off on a slight tangent here, but why do we call our doctors by their title and they always use our first names and see us half-dressed? Okay, back to the subject I started with now.

My parents said they retired just in the nick of time-with all their "visits" they wouldn't have had any time to earn a living anyway.

Now, I really happen to enjoy my day job-BUT if some nice publisher/editor who hopefully is enjoying reading this and would like to help out a talented middle-aged free-lancer-PLEASE, give me a call with just enough writing assignments to keep me solvent while shuttling between offices.

Oh, please contact me by e-mail or better yet, cell phone-just in case whatever office I'm waiting at is running a bit late. I wouldn't want you to think I didn't have the time to write a really good article for you.

LOL! This is your best post yet. :)

I feel like we moved back home just in the nick of time. Suddenly, I have all of these doctor appointments - I was fine in Florida. They make you feel like you're going to keel over any day now and 50 feels like the new 95 - at least, that's how long my grandmother lived. Why can't they give you credit for all of the good health indicators you have - instead of worrying about the so-called negatives? Maybe this is how you do live to be 95. :)

Loved this post. I hope that your persistence pays off, and you find your writing niche--the one that pays!
thank you Kathy. I was literally sitting in the waiting area and thinking-this must be the 20th time I've sat here!
thanks Lisa-think there are any publishers and/or editors reading this right now thinking-"I've got to hire this woman!"
Or, will it be the same woman who wanted me to "change lives w/ every single column"?
Wishing you luck in the dream job! While you're doing a lot of waiting at dr's, etc......bring along a good book and notepad. That's where I do all my reading & writing. If it wasn't for endless apts...I'd never get any reading done. Have a good week!
how true Matty!
I always bring my writing pad, a crossword puzzle or novel. Might as well get something worthwhile accomplished!
Probably why someone added tvs to the darn cellphones!
that you can't have on may I add!
Hi Carine,

I noticed, when I visit a doctor my problems get bigger. They don´t find anything and recommend another colleague and another colleague and so on. A few month later, they might find something - or not.

By the way, I would hire you if I were a publisher. I wish I could write articles like you. But I´m still learning :)

thank you very much Christina. What a wonderful compliment. I figured this would be a subject near and dear to all of us at this stage of our lives. hope you come back soon.
My guess is that you may be one of the lucky ones that have good doctors nearby. My wife works in the customer service department for the medical center and she gets calls from patients who have driven over two hundred miles to get to their doctor's appointment here. And then, the docs here can't do any more for them than what they did back home. Frustrating it is.

I like your site's new look. I always like blogs with big print (that happens AFTER you hit the half-century mark).
thank you Dave, I know the feeling. As for the new look, I plan on thanking the lady profusely!
Wow! proud of you!! Finally,,,you have an archive and a list of blogging buddies....Yay Carine! You go, girl!
matty, had a wonderful fellow Diva who gave me over an hour of her valuable time and talent to get it done!!!
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