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Friday, September 28, 2007


TV: 101

This was premiere week for many of our favorite TV shows. Like the first week of advanced studies classes in high school-my husband and I are already hopelessly behind. And not by a "few pages of reading" either. Nope-we've got about a dozen hours of cramming to do.

I think what slipped us up was life. We had plans to meet a friend for coffee and then the theatre, then our daughter made arrangements for a family get-together to watch her 4D ultrasound with dinner out afterwards and our cable company decided to upgrade their systems, so we were out of the "loop" for a day and a half.

Next thing we knew was we had filled our DVR and a videotape! When did relaxing in front of the idiot box become a feat in technical skills and social planning anyway?

My husband decided we had to get another DVR-a couple of nights we have 4 shows on that we just cannot miss. One box isn't enough.

What was really scary was that this recommendation actually made sense TO ME!!!

"Yes honey, you speed right down to our local cox communications store before we miss the entire season of Law and Order: Criminal Intent now that it's moved to USA! And isn't that new Jeff Goldblum series about the weird cop on at the same time as two of our old favorites?"

So now we are a 2 DVR family! We can now tape 3 shows and watch a fourth.

This will help as our daughter's complicated pregnancy continues and our need to be "on call" increases. No sense letting something like becoming a grandparent get in the way of "Dancing With the Stars-the results show"!

Luckily, we don't have many social events with real people. We do have three more theatre/coffee dates and an anniversary cruise (oh, we will be so behind after that week), but otherwise-we're clear.

Holiday parties? Please don't send us an invitation! Since we like to tape in High Definition-we only have 20 hours of room. We're also counting on those weeks to "catch up" as that's when the first round of re-runs begin.

We would hate to wait until next summer to find out what happened on Grey's Anatomy last night. Although it did give us some needed entertainment during the same season this year.

As for now, I'd really love to continue on my rant, but my husband is home and we have some serious "study time" we must get to, I think there's a pop quiz coming.

Sounds like a full schedule this fall. We have a television, but we do not have cable (by choice). But I do have my sister-in law tape the English soap, Coronation Street. I grew up watching that. From what you say, sounds like there's alot of television out there.
a little too much Dawn. Evenings should be a time to talk, relax and enjoy-not a manuevering feat again to nerve-surgery!
Carine - you are sooo funny! I loved the line about "social life with real people." Sounds all too familiar. :)
thanks Kathy-I just couldn't believe we were both sitting at breakfast plotting what and how to tape programs while we went out!
I figured this was something a lot of others do.
Is DVR anything like TIVO? Since our knowledge of such things is miniscule, the wife and I only watch a few shows regularly--Survivor and Top Chef being chief among them.

You do remind me that I should check the TCM movie calendar now that the month of October should be posted on-line. I like to tape old horror movies to watch later. Mu hahahahah!
Yes, DVR is exactly like TIVO. Supplied courtesy of our cable company.
We have taped a couple of movies as well-hope we eventually get to them!
Horror movies, huh?
I want to tape some of the old musicals myself.
Am I ever behind! I will have to check out where I can get a DVR or TIVO...maybe Santa will hear me. I always end up missing different shows thanks to my partners whining to watch the Lone Star channel.
Thanks for the great ideas.
matty, tonight's the killer-too many shows and we have yet to watch last Tuesdays!
goodness-maybe I should stop working the day job for a while to catch up. or only work during the "off" seasons!
Carine, I have cut back watching TV but I'm hungry awaiting "Perfect Dinner" Monday to Friday and I won't cancel my appointment with "Dr. House" on Tuesday.

I also have to admit I´m desperate for the "Desperate Housewives" and I can't wait to see the movie "Sex and the City" next year.
Christine-we all have our weaknesses! I love House and Bones and all the CSIs!
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