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Friday, October 26, 2007


Dressing Right Matters

Is it me or has the world in general forgotten how to dress? Maybe it’s my old-fashioned upbringing or something called taste.

My husband and I were at a wedding and with the exception of the bridal party, we were two of only 136 guests in attendance who dressed properly for a formal Saturday evening reception.

Most came dressed as if they were either going or had just finished a Costco run. Really. Men in cargo jeans and tee shirts. Women in Capri length leggings and loose fitting tops. Except for one that was wearing a very tight top on her overly ample bosom and was bump-and-grinding not only the bride, but a 4-year-old next to her as well. The couple sitting next to us at our issued table and I dubbed her “nasty woman”. We were hoping that she was actually drunk and didn’t know how ludicrous her actions were making her look. And that she would be moaning and groaning at how awful she had behaved the next morning. We found out later-the small child WAS HER SON! EW!

I know that I live in Southern California, home of the muscle shirt and running shoes, but come on people-there is a time and place for work-out clothes and a wedding is just not it.

There are other times that lack of appropriate dress really gets my dander up as well. The theater for one. My husband and I love going. Don’t get me wrong-we’re not as dressy as those who frequent the stage in New York City, but we wear dress pants, dress shoes (I even brave the pain of a pair of Steve Madden flats and leave my walkers at home)and for me a dressy sweater or complimentary blouse and blazer. Hubby wears either a sports coat or goes the whole nine yards with a suit.

Some of our fellow theater goers actually come in tennis shorts! I swear at Avenue Q last month, we saw several couples in sweats with visors on their heads. Lord only knows what they were thinking.

We just shook our heads.

I’m not opposed to comfort, I thrive on it. I cannot even begin to tell you that one of the many reasons I love my “day job” as much as I do is that I can wear jeans and tees with my walkers all the time. But I digress, afterall, it’s a plumbing store people!

If you go out someplace nice-dress right. If you don’t want to wear the appropriate clothing, don’t go to the event.

I agree, If you don’t want to wear the appropriate clothing, don’t go to the event.
I wonder sometimes about the amount of so many choices out at the mall and i wonder who buys that stuff? you do not see people dressed for the occasion anymore, it is a shame!
every place has its own wear and i wish people can stick to it.
dressing appropriately seems to becoming a lost art. Houses of worship, funerals, weddings, theatre, even the workplace-depending on where you are, you should learn to dress the part.
It's spreading to the churches, as well. Flip-flops and spagetti strap tops vying with those baggy hip pants on the guys??? I read about a college that is outlawing the big, baggy pants and such and endorsing a dress code suitable for the business world! Hooray! Maybe sanity will return soon.
Kacey, let's hope so!
Well, I am very happy that I belong to a church where some come in jeans and t-shirts and sandals...and some with skirts and heels..and I don't care..and I'm sure God doesn't care how we look.
Same with funerals...not everyone wears black anymore..and I sure don't want people wearing black to come to my funeral..I have made notes to my loved one's that people should come dressed to party when I go to meet my maker. People don't dress up coming to my house..and I don't want them to dress up to say Bye to me.
The only thing that bothers me is when people don't dress according to their age.
It bothers me when women who are 50 try to look like they are 18...please forget the belly shirts and're not 18, and bikini's unless you work out in a gym 6 hrs a day....but you're not 80.. so dress according to your age..not according to your fantasies.
you are right on here Matty. I shutter when someone says "you're so tiny, I'd wear a bikini if I had your figure". Ew. I may be fit and "tiny", but in a few weeks, I'll be 50-I do not want people to see how gravity has changed by midriff!
OK, you've got me worried now. I'll admit that I'm not a fashion maven. Even my boys don't like to be seen with me sometimes the way I dress.

But my wife and I are going to a polka concert at a casino this Friday night. Quick, what's apropo for something like that. I'm serious (my wife's not sure either).

Better not be lederhosen.
I hope not for your sake Dave. Few of us look good in one of those!
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