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Friday, October 05, 2007


The Truth

Getting old SUCKS. There I've said and written it. I mean it and I'm not sorry I did.

Quite frankly when I was 30 I saw myself being one of those baby boomers who went to aerobics class, ran with my dog, wore high heels and still had mostly brunette hair-naturally-when I found myself double that particular age.

Truth is, life has laughed at me. I had to give up dance and aerobic classes around 32 (sciatica). Running went to power-walking by age 40 (rheumatoid arthritis). at 49, a broken foot and nerve damage made me switch from power-walking to just trying to get in some form of walking without loosing my balance.

I haven't been able to wear high heels since, oh 1992. As for the hair, well honestly, I probably have more brunette than gray. But I don't know. You see, by the time I'm at the end of month 3 of the last home dye job, I race to the drug store and buy a new box of Garnier Nutrisse's chocolate peanut before it gets any worse.

Well at least I'm still a size 4.

These feelings aren't just in my head-this I'm certain of. A high school friend lamented "isn't getting old hard enough without receiving an invitation from AARP?"

Yes, yes and double yes!

He then informed me that I'd be getting my invite next since he's but a mere 4 weeks older than me.

I have become more mellow with age. Things that would have had me seething at 35, now just get a miffed-looking shrug. Most notably: plates left in the sink when the dishwasher's empty and towels left on the floor of the bathroom.

Of course other things that never bothered me before, really "get my goat" now.
Folding a load of towels and leaving them "resting" on top of the linen closet instead of putting them away. A particular 23-year-old who repeatedly finishes the pitcher of crystal lite and then puts it back into the refrigerator EMPTY.

Some things I like about getting older: grandkids and um, uh, hmmmm.

Okay, right now I'm at a complete loss for other good things. There must be a few more. Someone out there-quick, help me out and add to the list of positives.

Oh Carine, getting old is not that bad at all!! cheer will get better! i do not know how but it will.
it has been going great for me...i enjoy my grandkids so much to the point i do not want them ever to leave!
getting mellow when you get old is a huge positive thing to happen. take it slow and nice, enjoy every little thing. invest in your time with your partner, it will all be great....besides, it will look very odd if an old person does not have any gray hair to get busy with coloring...old people look funny jogging, so a speed walk looks better on an older person!
look at the glass half FULL...always!
thank you summer-you are right!
Carine, don't despair! Getting older is a positive thing. By now we know who we are, we know what we like and what we are not prepared to settle for.

We're less desperate than we were in our 20s and care much less what people think of us. It's a perfect time to be true to ourselves.

And let's face it: the only way to prevent aging is to die young.
oh Christina, putting this way I hope to have a lot of gray hair and numerous wrinkles!
I think I saw Sting on the cover of AARP last year, and I had to do a double-take! The faces on the cover are slowly becoming more familiar!

I think we become more mellow with age, like a fine wine. That's a positive...nothing small matters as much anymore!
I prefer thinking I'm like a great tree, getting more beautiful (if bent)with age.
Oh Carine Honey, there are more things than grandkids! There is waking up with the same white head next to you on the pillow that has been there for over fifty years. Actually, sixty is the new forty --- so enjoy. I didn't mind fifty or sixty, but seventy gave me a bit of a start --- that's old enough to die! One of the nicest things about being old ---every day is Saturday! You gradually stop caring what other people think, but you do worry more about the changes in the world and what they will mean for your kids and grandkids. The worst thing about being old is having your kids think you are really over the hill, but they won't ride on the sled with you. Sometimes I think I have forgotten more than younger people know. Cheer up and take a few pain pills, then yhou can come rollerblading with me!
As I sit here at the day job, i just swallowed a darvocet! LOL!
yes, it is very nice to wake up next to the same handsome snoring man! this week, I'm on a new rant-bringing dogs everywhere. I'm the proud mom of 2 furry kids, but there are just places they don't belong. I'm posting this topic tomorrow.
as gilda radner once said "it's always something."
As for the roller blading-If I ever get my balance back, it's a firm date.
I'm 49. I empathize.
boy we really do have a lot in common!
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