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Friday, November 16, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

My hope is that all who visit ere will be spending the day with your loved ones and enjoying their company.

This year we will be having a small party of 10-1/2. It will be our grandson's first holiday season.

While he's not quite able to enjoy chowing down on much of "the bird", I'm sure he'll have great fun trying all the different dishes: my famous mashed potatoes, his great-grandma's stuffing, the pumpkin pie his paternal grandmother is bringing, the rolls and traditional cranberry jelly his mom is adding to the table.

True to our nature, my husband and I went way overboard with the size of the centerpiece. Funny, 21 pounds didn't look that big until my ever-lovin' tried to fit it into the bottom basket of our freezer. It began pushing the shelf above it right off it's holders. I just hope that it fits on the top shelf of our refrigerator when I start to defrost it-otherwise, I'm in BIG trouble!

Since I enjoy the cooking activities, but not the clean-up, I've decided to go with as much disposable items as possible. I'll use "real" silverware, but it's paper plates all the way, baby!

By the end of the day, I'll only have that and the few pots and pans that couldn't be switched out for foil pans. Oh and the much honored coffee pot (remember, we're coffee hounds in this family).

Our menu will be minute compared with years past-when our numbers were closer to 30.
Besides the dishes already mentioned, there will be some homemade whole cranberry relish, a crudite tray and, if I'm up to it, I'll make some of my dad's favorite rosemary-pepper biscotti. Sparkling cider for those who'd like a glass.

My hope is that everyone enjoys our potluck, goes home with full stomachs and full doggy bags (especially of what I'm sure will be an overload of turkey)and that the tryptophan doesn't set in until they're safe back in their own homes.

I'm thankful for many things this year: a fairly healthy family, as well as good friends and co-workers. I'm thankful to all of you who faithfully read my musings and let me know that you enjoy them.

May all of this fortune continue for many, many years to come.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Your Thanksgiving meal sounds wonderful...hope you set out the sleeping bags for your guests.
I'm wondering how I will cook my 38 lb. turkey and have room for the 'sides'?? Of course I mean at xmas...we already enjoyed our Thanksgiving meal here in Canada.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family...and may you enjoy many more!
thank you Matty! where did you find a 38 pounder???
Carine - LOL on the story of the large bird. It all sounds fabulous! Hope you have a happy, happy Thanksgiving!
My S-I-L grows them. That turkey will provide a lot of meals, hot sandwiches and casserole's. Have a wonderful day with family.
Holy cow, no way can I top a 21-pound turkey let alone a 38-pounder. In fact, my wife has had so much trouble cooking turkey in the past that we're letting her sister handle that chore this year. (I love deep fried turkey myself).

Great-grandma's stuffing? Interesting. This year our Thanksgiving feast will feature BOTH my mother's and my mother-in-law's stuffing recipes. One is more Pennsylvania Dutch, the other is . . . well, I don't know, but it includes lots of pork sausage. It's my favorite.

Happy Thanksgiving, in case I don't make it by this way again soon.
Kathy, hope it will be as good as times past!
wishing you the best of turkey days!
ah Matty, when I told my sister about your huge bird, she wanted to know where you'd get one that big! I said I thought you mentioned you lived near a turkey farm once.
I'm all for breaking tradition at times Dave! Nothing wrong w/ trying something different. One year a friend from Argentina came and her sharing dish was a very refreshing cucumber salad.
Happy Thanksgiving, Carine. For the first time in almost ever, I am resting on my laurels and the girls are doing dinner. I have been out of the hospital for eight days, but still feel like left-over mashed potatoes. The worst part is being packed for five or six months in Florida and not getting the "go sign" until the first of December. The house was cleaned and is getting dirty and I can't find anything until I unpack --- guess I'll keep sleeping.
dear kacey,
let the girls handle it all-you rest and regale in this being a truly thankful holiday for you and your family.
glad to see your post. I have no computer this week, so I'm trying to "peek" in at everyone and here until we get new/renewed capiblities.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Carine!
now that I have my computer back, I'm half way there Lisa! Now I have to remember everyone's e-mails and site addresses!
Hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday, Carine !

Let's try to get together again for coffee one day this week, okay ?

Loving Annie
Sounds great Annie, How's tomorrow?
Happy thanksgiving to you and your family! i had a 22 pound turkey...everyone enjoyed their time at dinner and had fun. check out the post and the video or my actual turkey on my cooking blog please:

Have a wonderful weekend!
summer I would love too-except I'm having computer issues-I'm borrowing my son's laptop to post this early. In fact, this week's column is dedicated to the sticky situation
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