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Friday, December 21, 2007


Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to all who still have the energy to come and visit with me!

It’s so hard to believe that there are only a few days left in 2007. Since this is the last column before most of you celebrate Christmas, I want to wish everyone who does a very merry and healthy time. May all your dreams come true.

As for me, I start time off from the day job from now until after the first of 2008. I’m going to sleep in tomorrow morning. Then, after the morning tasks of feeding our beloved furry ones, boxing up my husband’s and son’s lunches and probably their breakfasts (let’s just leave it at that they’re just not morning people) and taking my morning round of prescribed medical wonderments-I’m going to go get myself a big cup of coffee and the Orange County Register and come home and enjoy my two newspapers (Los Angeles Times is delivered), my breakfast and working my crossword puzzles.

On Monday morning the really good part will come-my husband and I will be spending 3 ½ days alone together. There will be no work, no kids, and no other family members-just us. I don’t even care that we will be going to my least favorite city on the face of the earth. As long as we’re alone together.

Since breaking my foot it seems we never have any quality time to speak of. The last time we had a day off at the same time, we hosted Thanksgiving. Not exactly conducive to couple time. By the time the family went home, we were so exhausted we could hardly wait to climb the ladder into the bed. Hubby had to be at work the next morning. Before then, it was the 5 days we had in April celebrating our anniversary.

So off we go to Las Vegas. We don’t gamble. Shows will be at a minimum. We always go to the ½ price booth and chose from whatever they have. Two years ago we were pretty lucky-4 shows in 3 nights. And they were all prime entertainment. Last year, not so lucky-1 mediocre show.

For us, the city represents our “shop till you drop” time. The city has several outlet malls, so we wait and get long needed items during what seems to be becoming a yearly thing. This year, we don’t need anything except time to talk, walk (okay, hobble) and be together.

Still, it’s our Hanukah gift to one another. As always, we are the romantically practical couple-we’re giving each other exactly what the other needs as well as wants.

A very happy holiday to you Carine. Enjoy your time off and 'hubby' time.
I sure do plan on it! Happy holidays to you as well Ruthie!
Happy holiday, Carine. Blessings in the new year.
thank you Denise-same to you! May 2008 be the year of the "rejuvenating writer"
Hope your holiday season is wonderful. Never been to Vegas myself. Is The Amazing Jonathan still playing there? He's one of my favorite comedians, but he's not everyone's cup of tea. I have an autographed t-shirt from him hanging in my study downstairs.
I'm hoping your time together will be everything you wanted it to be. I don't gamble either (unless you count the quarter slots), but I have loved Vegas. We have been there a couple of times on the company's tab.... best hotels, best shows, great food and you can't beat free. Saw Elvis there many years ago and Kenny Rogers the last time. I really wanted to see "O"....I really dig gymnastics, but they were sold out. I did gymnastics and walked a slack wire as a teen ...many, many years ago! You might have a bunch of fun just watching the people.... the world is full of crazies. Have a great holiday!

I hope your Christmas was wonderful and your New Year will bring a speedy healing and plenty of joy!

This is the first time my husband and I get to spend more than a weekend together and I am totally enjoying it!!!
Dave, yes, the amazing Jonathon is still there. Hope your holiday was a really good one. We did enjoy our time together, except for the cold that became a sinus infection-figures...
Thank you Kacey, I do hope you had a wonderful holiday. We did enjoy ourselves, despite the cold and my head.
We shopped til we dropped. Which in my case, didn't take too long.
Thank goodness for tomorrow's physical, I'm hoping he gives me something for the sinuses.
Bev,I hope you and your hubby are enjoying this special time of the year and your time together. We just got back, darling daughter is being held for observation for more contractions, baby is taking a nap and family arrived.
Calgon-take me away
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