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Friday, December 28, 2007


Happy New Year!

Can it be? This is the last column for 2007! Have any of you made resolutions? Are you going out to celebrate the New Year?

2008 proves to be interesting here in our neck of the woods. The year won’t be more than a day old when my husband has another birthday. I will thankfully be ending the myriad of “50-year-old” doctor’s appointments and then our grandson, Dylan-is turning ONE!

How fast did this year go by? That isn’t all-we will be anticipating the birth of darling grandson #2. Given that Dylan came a month early, as did his mom and uncle-it will be interesting to see if this little one celebrates as an only child or as a big brother!

For me, my resolutions are pretty much the same as last year’s. Not that I didn’t succeed, I actually did do what I had hoped, just not as much as I would have liked.

My resolutions last year were to earn more writing than I had in years past, work at writing more and trying to put my physical problems in a better “footing”. (Groan at that pun, but after living with my hubby for almost 27 years, his puns were bound to rub off at some point)

I accomplished both, in a manner of speaking. I earned almost $1,500! I also have more spots on the search engines than I did in 2006. My blogging has grown-besides here, I am a Lady’s Home Journal Blogger, I guest every other Tuesday on AWomansPlace and my entries also are on

As for the little nitpicky foot problem-well, I’m certainly not able to leap small buildings in a single bound, or walk for very long at any speed I’d brag about, but I am walking better.

So my 2008 resolutions are to continue to write and hopefully get paid more, continue my pursuit of rehab on the physical thing and then-here’s a new one: I WANT TO HAVE A PLANNED DAY OFF WITH MY HUSBAND!

Let me know what all of you are looking forward to or working on.

May the coming year be filled with good health, good times with our loved ones and good fortune for all of us.

Happy New Year!


How wonderful for you that you achieved your matter how small you think they may be, any goal that's reached is always a huge achievement!

I hope you have a wonderful New seems that you have a lot to look forward to! A new baby is always exciting! And I'm sure everything you want to do in 2008 will be accomplished!
Same goes to you and yours. I'm trying very hard to stretch my goals every year.
I second your wishes for 2008, and beyond! May this year be a great one for all. have a happy one!
thank you summer. May you add safe and calmness to yours.
Congratulations's so nice when we stick to our resolutions! I'm glad that you are finally seeing cash for your hard work!
Here's wishing you & family a healthy, happy & prosperous New Year.
To think you will be a grandma again! Isn't that exciting!
Life just can't get better than that.
See ya next year!
thank you Matty, here's my new years wish to you-may this year bring only good news and happiness for your family as well.
You're so right-I was a bit taken aback at being a grandma, but once it happened, I'm enjoying it very, very much!
My New Year's resolution is to become debt free. Our house is nearly paid off, so this is a real possibility. It's more likely than my reaching my fighting weight which is my usual resolution.

New Year's Eve is traditionally at our house with my wife's sister's family. That's happened for decades now. My two boys are doing their own thing, but there'll still be six of us playing board games, eating home-prepared crab legs and prime rib, and watching Dick Clark (hope he looks and sounds better than last year).
sounds like a wonderful goal and celebation Dave. We too are having prime rib tonight. Our daughter is on complete bedrest and our son and his girlfriend will be going out. We, as our tradition, will have our prime rib and yorkshire pudding and then cozy up to watch some family DVDs
Nice goal to pay off the house, ours too is almost there. Cheers!
Dear Carine, Oh, you made the cut for my "Bloggity Friends", but I was having trouble making sure that my links worked properly and you slipped through the cracks last night. My husband was yelling to go to bed and I published before the final check. There are a couple of blogs that I love and read, who never come my way, so I didn't put them in--- but they are on my "Blogroll". You, however, remain in my heart and in my post now. Check back, please. I'm so happy you are having a good year and Here's to a Better Than Ever One!
Kacey, no worries-believe me. May the new year bring you nothing but love, good health and wishes that come true.
Glad that you are walking better, Carine !
A planned day off without hubby sounds like an occasional treat - will cross my fingers for you that you just get to indulge and enjoy doing whatever it is !
Loving Annie
thank you Annie-although you did read it wrong! I'm trying desparately to get to have a day off w/ my honey!
Happy New Year!
Oh. duh (Blushes with embarrassment).

I've still got this danged cold. Grrr.

When I get better, I'd like to join you for that cup of coffee !
you too? Mine went into the world's sinus infection. My head has been spinning for 2 weeks. It is a nasty one!
Let's plan on that coffee very soon!
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