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Friday, February 22, 2008


Still Valentines After All These Years

Still Valentines After All These Years

Last week there was a lot of romance wafting through the air-probably had something to do with the fact that Valentine's Day had arrived. I'm sure it was happening in many households in and across America as well as around the world, but it was particularly thick in my neck of the woods.

Since my husband and I have just celebrated our 27th “hearts afire” together, I thought I would share how in tune we are with each other. We had even more loving feelings than usual since the birth of grandson #2. The norm for us is to exchange cards and have dinner out-just the two of us. Then we spend some quality romance time together.

This year-unbeknownst to the other, we would show just how very much we think alike. We both took a similar approach with much more sentimentality than we usually have in the past.

I decided on switching out the usual card for a coupon book filled with romantic gestures-I'll let your imaginations wander. After all, if I tell you, the intimacy and romance is completely lost. Then I went through my myriad of articles, columns, essays and made my love his own book of all the writings that were either about him or that he had inspired. We waited until I came home from "the day job" (he had the day off) and handed one another our "first" packet. He had made me some personalized coupons as well.

Imagine the look on our faces when we realized we had the same idea! I'm even smiling right now thinking about that. We went to dinner, ordered the same dish and then went back home to use the book he had created for me. My husband had also given me a single rose and scads of crosswords puzzles, which he knows I love to solve.

Oh, one more thing-he also gave me my very first little "blue box". Most women know what to expect when they see the well advertised color-a piece of jewelry from Tiffany's! Mine was no exception.

WOW! Inside my blue bag, was a 3 x 3 blue box. Inside it was a matching blue pouch. Inside the little blue sack? A sterling silver "heart within a heart" pendant and chain.

He must have known that he "had" me at the coupons and crosswords-so receiving the necklace was akin to seeing an extra piece of homemade dark chocolate truffle on my dessert plate.

Poor dear, he came down with a horrible cold a couple of days later. I’m hoping it leaves soon, then we can make some really good use of some of the coupons I made up for him.

In the meantime, I think I'll print this week's column out and add it to his book.

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I don't think there is any doubt that you two were made for each other. How very sweet and thoughtful!

Pam Archer
Wow, I have to ditto Pam's comment here. My wife and I have been married 27 years as well (28 coming up in May), but our Valentine's Day is not nearly as special as your's. In fact, my wife did get a single rose on Valentine's Day, but it came from her eldest son.

I wanted to let you know too that I replied in my blog comments to your last comment. I visited that site you suggested and my feelings on Juno were similar to those expressed there.
I think that's why my girlfriend asked me to write up this little column. I must admit-my hubby's even more romantic than I am. I feel it, but he expresses it so much better. I'm good w/ words, but not so much in picking presents. Our daughter has the same knack!
I'm sure you and your wife have more than your moments Dave-I'm betting on it!
I go on over to your site and see your comment in a bit. Maybe your wife would like to check out fab40?
We don't do anything for Valentine's Day, but he is so good to me the other 364 days that I never doubt he loves me. If he could give me anything, I would want a promise that he won't die anytime soon. At our ages, we just want a few more years together. Romance is watching him do things for the three children and eight grandchildren we share. He has held my heart in his hands for almost 55 years.
how absolutely romantic Kacey. And you're so right-watching my husband hold and sing in Dylan's ear the song he made up for him is just as romantic as him making up the crossword puzzles or folding the towels.
how sweet Carine! love this post!

Valantine's day is so commercialized i do not like the idea of doing something romantic just because it is here! my husband and i declare our love and devotion to each other almost every day of the year.
bless you both!
same here summer. as mentioned we usually go w/ a card and dinner. but I think the arrival of grandson #2 had us feeling even more sentimental than usual.
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