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Friday, May 30, 2008


Just 1 More Day

Sometimes working a few jobs all at once gets very tiring. There are times when you just need A DAY to goof off.

Last week I had such a day-sort of. At least it felt as if I had one. As with most writers-I have a totally unrelated day job that affords me the privilege of doing my free-lancing. Monday through Friday, 9-5, I sit at a desk, a computer screen opened up to several different applications, phone attached to my ear and I try to help people correct some horrible, sticky plumbing mess they’ve gotten themselves into.

Before I get there and after I come home I moderate two discussion boards on a major magazine, write a bi-weekly cooking column, book reviews and feature articles for one woman’s website, a bi-monthly column for another woman’s website, do my own column and do health and fitness features for a major local newspaper. Plus-let’s not forget I am a domestic goddess, wife and grandmother extraordinaire.

Last weekend was a holiday-one that my “day job” employer pays us to take off. I found myself on target with most of my writing-so I did the unthinkable-I SLEPT IN ALL 3 DAYS.

Yes, I didn’t get out of bed on Saturday until 8 a.m. Sunday and Monday-I didn’t budge until 8:30! Talk about being decadent! Woo Hoo!

I took Sunshine (our 12 year old lab mix) on a mile long hobble each day. I sat on my La-Z-Boy recliner with my feet up and watched most of the NCIS Memorial Day Marathon. Heck, I took a vanilla-scented bubble bath smack in the middle of Saturday afternoon.

Not that I neglected anything. I read and reviewed the most boring book that I’ve ever been given the task of doing. Wrote all the columns I owed for the week, sent e-mails out to several possible interview subjects for upcoming articles and dodged the various gawking families at Costco during the Sunday “feed you and your kids free” time.

What I enjoyed was that I didn’t feel rushed the entire weekend. It was just so nice to not start my two days off forming a list of “must dos” and having it stare at me. The list just sitting on the table daring me to enjoy working the Saturday New York Times crossword puzzle and that second mug of coffee.

I think we should consider pushing Congress to adjust the amount of hours we are allowed to work. It could read something like this:

From here on, it is declared that the people of the United States of America will only be allowed to work a 4-day, 8-hour week at their primary income-producing jobs.”

To me this makes so much sense that it’s hard to believe no one has thought of this before!

Anyone agree?

Very cute, Carine! I'm glad that you got a much needed rest--- and a chance to get ahead of your writing deadlines... That's like GOLD!

I'll comment about your question, although I think that is is tongue-in-cheek inguiry.
I don't think that the government should limit our work week. I think that the government is in charge of way too much already. I would like individuals to be able to work out with employers or as self-employers what they think is a reasonable work week. The current 40 seems okay... since it's been the rule for so many years expectations have centered around that amount of hours.....
It doesn't seem fair that people would be paid a day less and not have the ability to make 20% of their income since they have fewer hours. The businesses would have to hire more people and cover more insurance policies and other benefits. Surely, employers would not be forced to pay for a day of work each week that is not performed... yikes!
That would just be passed on to the consumers in a huge wave-- like the increase of gas prices and increases in the value of crops due to biofuel have made.

But it is pleasant to dream of an extra day each week to kick back in a stress-free environment....

I think that I'll have one of those bubble baths too, Carine!

from WD's forums
Yes, it was definitely tongue-in-cheek Ruthy. However, I did read an article about how we here in the USA really do not work just a 40 hour week anymore! I had the unfortunate time of working for a company that demanded you work a 10 hour overtime-or they'd dock your pay! to them 40 hours was part time.
the stress put me in the ER twice. Not good for a person w/ RA. Plus, I became a raging maniac and I didn't want to live w/ me!
Absolutely. I would love to have a four-day work week. Don't they do that in some European countries? Plus they have siestas too! We could all put our feet up and relax.

To me, writing is not work. Interviewing and research . . . that would be work for me.
I don't mind the interviews or the research Dave. Time flies as long as I'm writing. Oh and Europe-they take the entire month of August off!
I had a live-in salaried job that was like that. 10 days on, 4 days off. 3 pm to 8 am and you slept there, too. If something happened during the night, you could put it on your time sheet for extra pay... and if something happened during the day, between 8 and 3, you were on-call and had to deal with it. It was at a home for severely emotionally disturbed children. Later, they changed it to 5 days on and 2 off with the same daily pattern of work and sleep. That was a job and a half!
Definitely what most people would consider more than a 40 hour work week. But, I and many others remember those days with fondness... and remember the high stress!

I certainly could have used a whole month off in August!!!
That would have been right after the annual 3 week camping trip in July.... yikes!!!
I'd be dreaming of Calgon Taking Me Away by then....

sounds like cruise ship hours almost Ruthy!
nice post and nice thought!!!!
wouldn't be nice if everyone worked only 32 hours a week? three day weekends make the most relaxing days! glad you enjoyed yours. :)
thanks summer. although, "rest" is objective here-since I literally worked all weekend. albeit doing what I'd rather do and love, but work nonetheless.
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