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Friday, May 23, 2008


Strike a Pose

I’m not photogenic. This seems to be a very “shared” subject of commiseration among many humans.

For some unbeknownst reason, cameras do not capture the real “beauty” within-just the physical remains. This column is not for those of you who have a love affair going with the front of either a film or digital camera. It’s for those of us who never seem to look, well, good.

What brought this subject up? Recently I uploaded (off on a tangent here, but I have to point out that I did this feat all by myself without any help) a new picture of myself, taken by my ever-lovin’ husband. I was putting it on several sites that I write for or am an active participant in their forums. Many kind folk wrote to me saying “Wow, you look so glamorous, you are gorgeous!”

It was/is indeed a very good picture. There I am in my favorite dress-a black version of the one Marilyn Monroe wore in “The 7 Year Itch”-you know the one, it was white and the air from the street’s grids blew it up. You can’t see it, but I wasn’t even wearing my usual trademark pair of orthopedic walking shoes. And, unlike 90% of his people pictures, my entire head was actually included. It was from our first formal night from our recent anniversary cruise.

Indeed-an incredibly rare shot.

I thanked all the nice people who took the time to comment and mentioned about my usual lack of looking decent in pictures. Most wrote again to say “Hey, me too!”

My reply-“I think we are all fabulous and wonderful looking, it’s the cameras that just can’t see what’s inside-just the shell!”

Many agreed this was the perfect subject to write about here on my blog-so here it is!

How many of you hate having a picture taken of yourself? I can’t see you, but I have a feeling there are a whole lot of double arms being waved around right now.

When I see a photo of myself I cringe. That image just can’t be me-I don’t look like that! I do not have slitting eyes. My head is not too small for my body. My face isn’t that narrow. And why is it I look like my mom?

Now don’t get me wrong-my mom is a good-looking woman and very youthful. In fact-she still has more black hair than gray. And no, she’s never touched or used a bottle of hair dye in her life! Plus, my mom gets to wear cute high heels.

Plus, I never look statuesque. If the stupid camera puts 10 pounds on you-shouldn’t it also even you out by making you look taller???? Seems to me I still look 5’1”. Piffle.
Most women always complain about looking too old or too fat. Men, it seems, say their build is a lot more muscular and their hair a lot thicker than what is evident to the naked eye.

This is probably the reason I took up photography of the journalistic nature in college. I figured if I was always holding a Minolta-no one would dare expect me to pose and say “cheese”.

Here’s a bit of information-I hate having pictures taken so much that there is not one single shot of me being pregnant-ever. I think I almost managed to miss having any photos done when I was in my early to mid-30’s. Seriously.

Our family is rather a 50/50 bunch. My sister, husband, daughter and niece always look great. My son, nephews and me-stinko. Of course, my grandchildren are the best looking boys anyone has ever seen, but give them time-I’m sure they’ll look different in their photos in about 15 years.

I just knew it! You do not like your photo taken either! I have to add that we think similiar about how we look on the outside and that the inside is better looking. I know, my physical me is not ugly, it's just not what I think, I look like. But, like you, others think I look great. I think we should both go with it...Get over it and say "Yeah, I could be worse (LOL!)"

You're braver than I. In the three years I've been blogging, I've probably uploaded two pictures of myself and neither of them are very good nor recognizeable.

My wife has said she never wants me to put a picture of her in my blog, for the same reasons you indicate here. She finally relented after endless lobbying following our last vacation, but I had to make sure she could not be recognized (even had to "obscure" her face in one shot).
simply said, thanks for coming by-I do try, but I have never enjoyed the way I look in photos. It was quite a time hiring a photographer for my wedding. Thank goodness I came out well.
Dave, Not brave I assure you-I was just so happy to have a decent picture that (do to some moderators pushing me!)I figured let me use this one-at least I look pretty good!
Otherwise, I am so w/ Wendy!
I think my problem is that my bedroom mirror is like Snow White's stepmother''s very kind to me.

I will look like a movie star in her 30's when I leave my room and go to that function. But when I post the digitals after the event, there is only a frumpy, middle-aged woman wearing the very same dress I could swear I walked out of my house with.

This happened recently after going to my niece's wedding. I was one hot mama when I left to go there, but I have no idea what pod person took my place and stood in front of the cameras that night!
BTW, I'm having a tough time getting onto Fab40. Are they remodeling again? I can't even get to the web site!
Lisa, so glad to see you!!! How are you dear one??? And yes, fab40 is doing a lot of make-overs. I'm the book reviewer, the "what's cooking" columnist and when I can squeeze it in between articles for the OC Register, a feature writer. Yana keeps me busy, thankfully. But yes, it takes me forever to post anything. hopefully, this calms down a bit very soon. Thanks for coming by-how goes the painting? How is the family?
I'm trying to find time to start posting again so I can fill everyone in. This time off has been more of a learning experience than anything...not much painting going on, but I did create some drawings that I'd like to do something with! I also "demoted" myself at work, which freed up not only my time, but my mind as well, thankfully. My family is healthy, that I'm grateful for! I will probably post sometime in the next month or so. Lots going on this month, so maybe while I'm on vacation in Lake George I'll get my thoughts together so I can post in July! Hope all is well with you!
Yes, hubby got a promotion that finally means a days off at the same time. grandkids are growing like weeds, writing is getting more $$ and w/ any luck soninlaw will start a job monday.
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