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Friday, June 06, 2008



Things are changing in our home. It’s been a long time coming, but my husband and I are about to begin having the same days off again, theoretically speaking. We are so excited!

Yes, my husband is now the Director of Training for his company. No more sales floor for him! What this means is that instead of his days off being mid-week and mine on the weekends, we will both have Saturday and Sunday off together.

I say theoretically because, well, once a month he has to trudge to a store and train the staff on-site. I conduct most of my free-lance writing interviews and other articles on the weekends. So, we will see each other a lot more often, but this is going to take some adjusting-of the good kind.

Since breaking my foot some 20 months ago, I’ve become used to doing what I please, when I please and how I please on the weekends-hey, everyone else went to work, so I was able to work however I wanted too (or didn’t want too). My husband had 3 days off mid-week. He’d spend a day watching movies I wanted no part of, spending an afternoon with the grandkids, running errands and whatever else he wanted to do. Except for the having to trot his mom to the doctor’s or dropping her off at the market. No one really wanted to do that, but it was a must, so being the good person he is, he just did it.

Now, we will surprise the grandkids and visit them together! We can plan a day trip to Palm Springs-just because we feel like it! We’ll take Sunshine for a walk-together!

Of course, he’ll have to adjust to giving me some time get my articles submitted. I’ll have to give him an afternoon to drop his mom at the market (no, he learned early on that he CANNOT be in any market with her. This is too much to let poor innocent readers know what she’s like to deal with) and there will be times where we won’t be able to spend our days together, but still, we are looking forward to this re-adjustment.

The long months we’ve spent “apart” are over. No longer will we have to endure only seeing each other for an hour in the evenings (I collapse at 10) or eat at 9 o’clock at night. We can plan an outing, we will enjoy more than a brief “see you later, have a good day”
while running out of the house.

Any couple knows that to be successful in a relationship you need time together.

Thankfully, our time has finally made its return. Forgive me if this is a particularly short column-my husband just came home and he’s waiting for me!

Good for you and your wonderful husband!
There is nothing as grand as time together!

YAY! How awesome Carine! And you are right, some adjustment time will be needed. My hubby and I have gone through a similar thing and though we were both so excited by the prospect of seeing each other... it wasn't long before we realized it was going to take some getting used to too. He was in MY territory suddenly with opinions! How dare he!!! :-) We worked it out(I laid down the law of course ;-) ). Have fun!!!

As someone who not only works the same shift my wife does, but drives with her to work every day in the same building, I can say there is something to be said for quality time to work on projects solo.

You didn't say whether your DH would be able to watch his movies still, the ones "you want no part of." I had to chuckle because you sound like my wife there. She is NOT a fan of sci-fi/horror. What movie genre is it that you want no part of?
Hi Ruthy,
how right you are! of course our first Saturday together we babysat our grandson, had to get up at 6:15 and then my computer crashed.
romantic-I think not. He's on the phone w/ tech support while I use his laptop.
It is taking some adjusting-same reason as you found. We're so used to having time on our own-this will take some playing around with what we have occupied our time with.
and to think-at one time we worked together 24/7!
Hi Dave,
as I mentioned above, we worked for 10 years, 24/7-so then we needed some solo time!
As for the movies, I hate the blood and guts and infantile humor. Plus, w/ my RA-any sitting for longer than an hour causes untold physical pain.
when we watch something on a DVD, I can get up and stretch, etc...

I'm w/ Wendy on the horror stuff.
Very happy for you, Carine !
me too! Of course, this is already proving to make scheduling my 2nd and beloved writing jobs a bit tense, but it's all good.
I thought I commented on this post, but maybe I did it on Fab40 (which I finally got onto...don't know what that was about)! I'm glad you and hubby will be spending more time together...wonderful.

Anyway, I blogged a weird blog today, but I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. You definitely had a hand in that; I saw the progress you were making, and I was inspired! Plus, I missed my blog and my blogging buddies. ;)
good for you Lisa,although sometimes a break, is just what you need to re-group! Welcome back!
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