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Friday, July 11, 2008


What a Way to Go!

I am in mourning. My week has not been very good. I think fate is getting me back for having a great 3 days in the desert. We had a blast-and not just of heat. I came back brown, rested and enjoyed seeing my husband for three entire days. Plus we spent some quality time with our daughter, son-in-law and darling grandkids.

Then we came home. I immediately went on my computer to post a cooking column. I was able to get only that far. As soon as I went to write up several book reviews-poor old Bessie froze. Then came the black screen. What followed the black screen was just horrible-THERE HAS BEEN A FATAL ERROR, MICROSOFT IS SHUTTING DOWN YOUR WORKSTATION.

Didn’t we just go through that last month? Didn’t I share my husband with his new best friend in India for the first 3 weekends we had together in the last two years? What did Microsoft mean-SHUTTING DOWN MY WORKSTATION-AGAIN!

At least the last time, before our techie friend took over, I was allowed to download all my worldly writing possessions to my husband’s new laptop. This go round-Zippo. No matter what our support staff did-old Bessie was beyond hope.

My husband broke the news to me when I came up to ask the condition of the patient a couple of hours later. “Honey, it’s gone. It’s not coming back. Face it, Bessie had a long life for her breed. We’ll get you your own laptop. I’m sorry about all your saved articles. I think I still have some of it left on my computer, we’ll check. You’ll be happy. I promise.”

Problem. This kind declaration was made before the next morning when our darling Lab mix Sunshine showed us that 10 days on antibiotics did nothing to improve that open sore on her mouth. Not only did it not help-it was still red and oozy. Plus Tuesday morning she started getting all clammy and glassy-eyed. Fortunately our son Adam was home that morning. Poor Sunshine proceeded to hurl everywhere and many times. He rushed her to the vet. (side bar, Toby the kitty-he’s sick as well, but he’s our grandfurbaby)

Next thing I heard was that they had to give her an IV of fluid, a shot of something to stop the vomiting, directions on how to care for her for the rest of the day, what to watch for and a shopping list of what to feed her-if she could start keeping water down.

That wasn’t all-oh nooooo. When Adam got home with our weak but now re-hydrated pooch, he found Pepper waiting for them. He was winking. He came to see how his sick mommy dog was-trouble was he was only looking at her with one eye. Adam bent down and saw “it”.

“It” was a glob of green, yucky stuff and tears pouring out of his eye! He immediately called me again-”mom, he was fine when I left him with Toby, and now his eye is oozing with green mucous and tearing-I wish it had done this before I left, I could have taken him in at the same time!”

So, Wednesday morning I had to do the next trip to the vet. An eye infection-of course. Now we had one 12 year old dog in need of full-time care and a 4-½ year old tabby that was going to need eye drops for 10 days. (and of course the grandfurbaby who was spewing from all orifices)

Now, if any of you have read my posts for any length of time you know that my husband and I are suckers for our furry babies. We truly think of them as just more of our kids.

So there wasn’t a decision to be made-it just was, my computer is being mourned, but my animals are being loved.

What a week you had!
I hope everyone, and everything, is getting better.

BTW It's good you had a break with your hubby, you deserve it.
Wow, Carine!
It's a good thing that you have a strong resolve, a great sense of humor, and a fabulous family by your side!

What a wild and wooly week!

(you know me from
Womans Day Forums)

{Hey, it looks like you have 2 fans named Ruth!}
Hi Ruthie,
Yes, it's been one of "those" weeks. We did enjoy last weekend. Tomorrow, despite our rather sparse budget, lol, we're going to go to a vegan place I've been wanting to try. Yummo, as Rachel Ray would say!
Hi Ruthy,
it has been a long week-my eye is still twitching w/ exhaustion. I've always said, you can either laugh it off or cry. laughing burns more calories and it's more fruitful in the long run!
Though my computer is fine, I certainly can sympathize with your nursing a sick pet. Our dog Doogie became rather violently ill this week, vomit and diarrhea deposited in almost every room of our house (I know . . . tmi). Then he wouldn't eat.

Two trips to the vet couldn't determine what was wrong. He also needed an IV to re-hydrate. Finally, he rallied and now his almost back to his normal self. I did think we might lose him there for a while.
hmm, Dave, the symptoms are quite similar. although we didn't have th diarhea, but the vomiting made Sunshine so weak she was shaking before the IV. We too thought we were going to lose her. I hope Doogie continues his recovery. Sunshine's mouth is even starting to look better today. And Pepper's eye looks pretty good.
May all of us w/ furbabies have a much better week. Oh, the "baby" is howling away about not being allowed to play and he's eating like a champ again!
Oh Carine, that was a traumatic week !

Nothing is worse than having a computer die with your things on it (Hope you get a wonderful new one, btw - did you know Microsoft is coming up with a new operating system next year ? Be careful not to buy Vista - it has problems !!!)

Hope Sunshine and Pepper are getting better.

p.s. I'm still around if you want to try to get together in the next week or so for coffee or a bite to eat - :) E-mail me, okay, or call - I don't know where I put your number, or I'd just pick up the phone right now !
Hi Annie,
How about coffee one morning this week? the cafe at the center opens at 9. I have to attend a PK on Weds, but how about Thurs or Friday? I've misplaced your number but will look it up tomorrow!
Hi there!:)

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