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Friday, August 22, 2008


Dear Sam

Dear Sam,

We loved you from the first meeting. We knew you were the perfect fit for Adam that evening you drove him home from the soccer field because he got too sick to drive himself. To put your own needs aside and care for a man you had only recently begun dating said it all. You are a genuine, wonderful woman.

It is with an enormous amount of pleasure and joy that Steve and I officially welcome you and your family into ours.

Not that we haven’t hoped and prayed for this announcement for over a year! The more we got to know you, the more we loved you and knew our first impression was correct.

What more could any set of parents hope for when one of their precious children find the right person to love for eternity?

We have been privileged to witness the loving looks, the joking around, the sincerity and unwavering devotion between you both. You both give one another the support you need and the friendship you deserve.

Separately you are both smart, down-to-earth, caring and ambitious. Together you are all that and more-there is an unmistaken bond between the two of you that is a joy to see.

May you both find your way through life together without too many bumps in the road. May your love and friendship only grow through the years ahead. We hope your passion for each other soars with every change.

It is our hope that you have more happiness than sorrow, more fun than work and more riches than loss. We hope that you will find yourselves on your 27th anniversary (I chose this number since we are in the midst of our 27th year of marriage) more in than at this moment. We know it is more than a possibility-as we are living proof.

So dear Sam, from the bottom of our hearts-Welcome to the Nadel family-FINALLY!

Carine, Steve, Sarah, Alex, Dylan and Aidan

What a beautiful welcome you are giving Sam, Carine ! You are so eloquent. I bet this will bring tears to her eyes. Congratulations on the very good news :)
thank you Annie, I first have to inform the happy couple of the column! she left for class before I posted.
Congratulations to the lucky couple. Let's hope they make it 27 years; that's a long time. I know as my wife and I are in our 28th.

Curious as to that parapgraph though. "More in . . . ?" Love perhaps?
We're also in the middle of our 27th year Dave, but we just celebrated the 28th anniversary of our engagement last month. I'll have to check out that paragraph-it did say that when I typed it. w/o seeing it, I'm wondering if the copy/paste lost something!
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