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Friday, September 12, 2008


I Am Tired

I think I’m tired.

This week I felt that if I saw the “I Love Lucy” episode about vitameatavegamin tonic I would have called the number on the screen and ordered not a bottle but a case.

Maybe it was the head cold that hit last Thursday and slid outward to my ears Friday afternoon. Maybe it was the 9-5 job, the grandkids spending 3 days at the house during the week (even though our son Adam and his fiancée Sam did most of the duties during the day), the free-lancing articles that kept me interviewing very interesting people and trying to write up the subject matter or the never-ending pile of books that publishers have been sending me to review-whatever, or even the snoring husband-whatever, I’m exhausted.

Now everything I mentioned, I love doing and I don’t want to stop doing any of it. I had a three day weekend and worked the entire time. If I wasn’t writing, I was running errands, cooking, baking, reading and trying to be an amateur counselor.

This week is our daughter’s 4th wedding anniversary. Normally I’d have them over for dinner. I am so not doing that this year. First off, I have 3 books to read, 4 columns to write, 3 book reviews to submit, an article on Alzheimer’s and M-power and one on two of the latest forms of breast cancer treatment. Oh, a dentist appointment and the usual household errands. This is just my list for Saturday and Sunday

And as I mentioned before:


I’m betting I’m not the only one who feels this way-I’ve been taking a mental poll of those I talk to. Like anyone, I always say “how are you?” at the beginning of a conversation and e-mails-most of the answers come back as “Really tired, how are you?”

We all do too much. I’m thinking a lot lately that slowing down would be so much FUN to try.

Yes, a week without going to the day job, a week without loading my cart at Henry’s or perusing the aisles at Costco (or Vons), a week without getting up at 7:30 a.m (and 6 a.m. on the weekdays) on the weekends to “hurry and get to our errands” and a week without my desk calendar looking as if I should staple another row of boxes onto the right side. This would be so nice.

Of course I realize somewhere around day 3 I’d be bored silly and wondering “what the heck was I thinking?” But still I’d like to try this experiment. And I do mean staying at home, not doing a “staycation”, or leaving on an actual vacation-just clearing my calendar.

I do not want to use it for doctors appointments either.

Here’s a thought, let’s all decide to try an experiment (No, not for a week). Let’s chose a day of protest. We will not do anything that could be remotely defined as work, enjoyable or not.

To Life!

you are right, slowing down is a good idea. Your schedule would be a heavy overload to anyone.
Annie, I personally think I am unfortunately not alone on the overload thing. too many of us are feeling (as Lucy Ricardo would say)"tired, rundown and listless".
I just looked at next week's work schedule. Egad.
I really enjoy hearing what Carine has to say whether it's just to talk about life and all it's happenings or to watch her make biscotti on a YouTube video. Carine, you've got a great sense of humor, you understand how life is for so many of us and, through it all, you can make a great split pea soup in the slow cooker! Keep up the good work.
Cynthia Schmidt
Well, not to be morbid, but you know what they say. Might as well do as much as you can now. You'll have plenty of time to rest when you're dead.
Cynthia, thank you for you kind comment-I try to keep a sense of humor about most things. As Dave said, there's actually plenty time to rest, when I have no choice!
Hi Dave, How goes the road trip?
Yes, there will be plenty of time to rest in the after life, I keep telling myself that. But right now, it's not cutting it...
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