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Friday, October 24, 2008


Karma Strikes

Do you believe in Karma? You know-when something happens and you think that an event will definitely follow that something?

Well I knew things would happen right after our son announced his engagement.

After our daughter announced hers-quite a bit of the house fell apart. It became a running gag between all of us in the house. Our son summed it up best when he said “Hey mom, I’ll bet that you never, in a million years, thought that you’d use the home equity line for the house, did you?”

No, I most certainly did not. You see, we planned on using the last of an annuity of money that my husband was receiving from his winnings on a game show to pay for that said wedding. And we did. We only opened the equity line because our daughter’s wedding was in September and we usually didn’t see the check until the beginning of October.

However, right after the engagement was announced-our hot water heater died, followed by us noticing that the door in the garage was corroding, followed that with the kitchen sink rusting from underneath (this we found while replacing the dead garbage disposal) and that the faucet on the said rusting kitchen sink had corroded from the hard water into the sink.

Don’t even ask how we got the faucet out-all you need to understand is this: we finally got rid of those awful 4” glossy white tiles that the developer of our tract home used as counter tops. We now have beautiful 6” non-glossy beige ones. We also have a beautiful composite sink, designer faucet, completely re-finished cabinets and very nice neat looking knobs.

Oh, we also have new micro-fiber valances, apricot blinds, a new dishwasher (please, this is still a very sore subject not to be elaborated on) and a new refrigerator (again, too sore is this particular point).

That ain’t all folks. While all the downstairs was falling apart and being repaired-our grown kids (at least they did this while the plumber and tile setter were here) informed us that their bathroom shower “keeps acting funny” every time we turn it on.

Okay-nuf said here, we opened up that can of worms and got that done too.

You’re probably thinking, there’s nothing left. Ha! So there! There is too!

If you read the column where I welcomed our wonderful daughter-in-law to be officially to the family, then you know it hasn’t been more than a couple of months since the happy event.

As karma goes-our daughter was laid off from her new job, I was laid off from my old job, the cat started losing weight at an alarming rate (just to discover it’s nothing serious cost us $184) and the roof caved in-almost literally.

Yes, I was getting dressed one morning a couple of weeks ago and splat! I got hit with a big “drop” of water. This coming from the area we had water damage and a summer’s worth of roof and skylight repair from just 3 years ago.

We called the roofer. Guess what-there is no “grace” period for roofing that was done barely 3 years ago and the skylights have already surpassed their life span by about 5 years.

While I’m writing this, the roofer is fixing our “life time” roof. $2000 worth of the stupid roof.

Why oh why do they call something “lifetime” , if we are on our 5th roof repair in 20 years? Anyway, all 3 skylights, umpteen number of tiles, mud, cement, flashing and whatever else puts these things together are being done.

Thank goodness for the home equity line. I’m not ready to thank karma.

augggggh ! That's one of the things about beign a homeowner. Maintenance and replacement is never ending, sigh.
I'll say. Thank goodness the plumbing on our skinny little Pepper turned out to be not even a hint of a leak!
Well, you're lucky in a way to get a home equity line of credit these days. My boss told me how he regularly got mailers saying he could borrow up to $180,000 on his house. Last mailer he got, it was down to $18,000 with the financial collapse.
we've had our since 2003-the interest rate is so low that we just never shut it down. We figured w/ a 20 year old home, something will always be needing something!
Tell me more about hubby on the game show - how fun!
I'll write you a note!
Oh Man Carine! I was going to say at least now you know those things(the kitchen and bathroom) stuff are all set for a very long time--then you brought up your roof. :-(

that's part of the thrills of home ownership Cole! We didn't know skylights actually had a lifespan until 3 years ago. but they told us then that they fixed it up and it would easily go another 5 years. I suppose the most we can get them for is underestimating!
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