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Friday, November 07, 2008



No matter which side of this presidential election you were on, we all have to admit that the outcome was going to be historical in nature. If you voted for one side-this would be the first time a person of color won the election. If you voted for the other-it would be the first time a woman would have come close to holding the highest office in the land.

While I hold my political beliefs near and dear to my heart, I also believe, that like sex, my choices are of very private in nature. Something that, as my husband told a pollster just last week “my vote is between me and my ballot, but thank you for your interest”.

Normally, I like to keep things very typical, something for everyone to see the humor in or just the mundane and commiserate. And so I will today. I will say that the only thing I’m disappointed about in the elections was of a statewide initiative that wound up passing. And in my mind it should have been a slam dunk failure.

Again, since I feel my visions on the matter are my point of view and have to do with the personal rights of others, I will not divulge or let you know what it’s about. But anyone who knows me personally knows of what I am speaking. I know many who are as devastated as I am about the outcome. I also know many who for some reason are breathing a sigh of relief.

No matter-everyone has the right to their own point of view on any given subject. I will say that being a person who when she feels something strong about human rights, how you look at it may well be different than my own, but that doesn’t mean either one of us should kowtow to the other’s reasoning and give up our own points of view.

As for today’s column, I wasn’t even sure that I wanted to bring up the elections-but since this was such an historic event, I thought I should write something. Although so far I’m not coming up with anything all that deep or eye-opening.

What are my hopes for this upcoming presidential term? What most of America hopes more than likely-regained prosperity, jobs, the return of the amount my house is worth so that my husband stops blaming me for the loss of what was supposed to be part of our retirement funds upon its sale.
“I hope you’re happy, we just lost over $250 thousand dollars to live on!”
Okay, I get it, except for one thing-where were we going to live if we had sold our home? At the time nothing was affordable to pay out in full. And where the houses were that we could afford, we couldn’t commute to for work purposes.
All right, my lack of a “day job” now and the fact that I for the most part telecommute all the articles I am writing would make this a moot point for me-but most of our income comes from the man of the house-what did he think he’d be doing?

Whatever happens, let’s all hope that our new president is truly ready to implement the measures that we all need to happen-FAST!
And for my wrap-up, let me leave you with one of the better “jokes” I heard from all the campaign analyses that took place:

So who are you going to vote for-the attractive one with the old guy or the old guy with the attractive one?

Selling my home, moving to a smaller one and stashing the profit for retirement was one of my plans too. That doesn't look as likely here in Michigan either.

However, the low prices of homes here have benefitted my eldest son who is supposed to sign a purchase agreement on a home near here today. The home's assessed value is tens of thousands more than what he offered, which was accepted.
that's what our son and future daughter in law are trying to do. cash in, sort of speak, on the misfortune of all those who bought high and then found out they couldn't afford the payments, homeowners and property taxes.

their goal, own something by the time they get married.
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