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Friday, February 20, 2009



This particular blog is 3 weeks late. For Pete’s sake, I’m a doting grandma, how could I do this terrible thing! When Dylan, our very adorable and now 2 year-old grandson turned one, I wrote a love letter to him and posted it.

Aidan, our dearest Aidan turned one on the 5th. We threw a joint birthday party for the boys and took a lot of pictures (don’t all doting grandparents?), but I somehow did not get his love letter done! I know, in theory, that my precious little guy isn’t aware of this major goof, but I feel horrible all the same.

So Aidan, for you from your very loving grandma:

Dear Aidan,

How in the world can your pop-pop and I tell you how much you mean to us? We were there to watch your birth. I held your mom’s leg to help her along and was the first to hold you after the nurses were through cleaning you up and checking you out. It was way past my bedtime, but I couldn’t and wouldn’t have missed a second of that day for anything.

Watching you enter the world and become the sweet little blond, blue-eyed wonder you are has been amazing.

You started out bigger than your brother and you were just as angelical. Your personality is endearing to all those who come in contact with you.

The way you dance to any and all music, play peek-a-boo and already tell us NO has us marveling at your obvious talents. You’re a bit like me, you like to observe and a bit on the serious side, talking when you have something to add to whatever is going on. Even though you have a quiet nature, I have a feeling that you are waiting for just the right moment to let your family and world know just how special you are. Believe me, we know you’re special now, but my inner grandma sense tells me you are going to grow up to be quite the wonderful young man and make all of us superbly proud.

Like your brother, you love when I sing you the ABC’s. You seem to love playing with toys that ensure that rhythms will be part of the fun. Pianos, giggling balls, talking monkeys and other things yet to be discovered.

What did we all do before you came into our lives? You were a spot that was in desperate need of filling.

Remember, no matter what in your life happens you will always (like your brother) have our love and devotion close at hand and near to your heart.

Love, Grandma

Love it Carine!!!

so did my daughter. Have to love kids.
Happy birthday to your grandkids. I hear they grow up quickly so it's great that you can spend time together.

I figure I'm still a few years away from becoming a grandpa myself. But I think I would make a good one because I'm at kid at heart. My wife will vouch for that.
I bet you'll be terrific Dave. Pop-pop is very popular because he too is very kid-like.

And you never know-your son and soon to be daughter-in-law may decide the time is now.
How precious!
they both are-I've been watching Dylan since Sunday evening-He's been a joy, but I'm exhausted.
Lovely, Carine. I loved every minute I worked in Maternity and thought the moment of birth was the most romantic thing I had ever seen. The looks on the mom's and dad's faces were beautiful, but I was unable to stay with my daughter during labor....chickened right out...she was only going to have her husband there at the moment of birth. Then, she wound up with a C-Section, so they don't let Grandmas in there....even if you were a scrub nurse for C-Sections at that hospital. I'm certain Aiden will love this reminds me to get on the stick and finish writing my feelings to the rest of my grands. I'm one for eight right now.
wow Kacey! I do hope to have a couple of more in the future, but Sam and Adam aren't even getting married for another 15 months!
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