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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Teens and Domestic Violence

Just about to take off (literally) everyone-one last Bon Voyage from me to you!

I'm about to plug another article-a very important one on teens and domestic violence. It was written before the Rihanna/Brown event so it's even more important to read and recommend (and certainy send to others)

Thank you,
as always Carine

It was a really good article and I hope it helps a lot of teens out there. We're all affected by our role models and we need healthy ones.
how right you are Kathy.
Maybe because I'm a guy I have a different take, but I still wonder why these women/girls don't just drop the dude like a ton of bricks at the first hint of mistreatment. And Rihanna going back to Chris Brown is crazy to me. I find it hard to sympathize with abused women who keep going back to the abuser. They're asking for trouble IMO.

the reason they go back to the abuser is b/c of the fact that the abuser has them convinced (it's a form of brainwashing-truly)that what happens is not only their fault and they deserve it, but that they're lucky to have someone as "wonderful" as they are putting up with their stupid behavior and ugliness.

Since I've done several articles on domestic violence-I have grown from your opinion to understanding what is going on with the women, the men and the situation.

Believe me, they go back not for love or the need for abuse, but because they've been literally beaten into submission and the belief that this is what is "right".
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