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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It's a Trifecta!

Here are the links to my latest articles. the first one is my monthly column for my fair city of Laguna Hills. The other 2 are about the same subject, one is an interview with author Lenore Skenazy-better known as America's Worst Mom and a review of her new book.

Lenore is a honest, funny lady who gives us the facts of "over-protecting" in not only a funny way, but in an intelligent way that you will absolutely love!

Hope you all enjoy these and please, where available-click "recommend" or leave comments!!!

Coincidentally, I just saw Lenore Skenazy and her book mentioned in an article today about that New York lady who dumped her daughters and drove off because they were mis-behaving. The article mentioned Lenore's dropping her kid off on the subway.
her book is both hilarious and filled with very intelligent insights and statistics Dave.

And my story was picked up by MSNBC!
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