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Friday, April 10, 2009



Twitterpated: to be completely enamored with someone/something.

A blogging buddy, whom I admire greatly, invited me to join up on Twitter. Another good blogging buddy, whom I also admire a great deal, convinced her to get started. I’ve been told by several PR people who have helped me set up interviews for articles that “Twitter is the way to go, very important in this market Carine”.

Ahhhh, I was just getting the hang of being on Face Book! Yes, I have 148 friends and over 53 followers to this little old blog here. I’m having fun over there too. I’ve reconnected with a few high school friends, several of my interview subjects and I have become “close cyber-buddies” and numerous PR people, editors and other social site members and I are checking up on each other.

I put the meaning of twitterpated on top because I want to say: I AM SO NOT TWITTERPATED WITH THIS LATEST AND GREATEST FORM OF SOCIALIZING!

Now I get twitterpated when my husband walks in the door. I get twitterpated when the furry ones do something cute and I get twitterpated when I see my grandsons. I even get twitterpated when someone leaves me a comment on an article I’ve written, answered a question I’ve posted on the magazine boards I moderate or on the newspaper section that I agreed to start discussions on-but as for Twitter itself? No.

I don’t know how many more social sites I can join-How many can one person follow?

A friend from high school asked me that-“Carine, is it our generation, or are we the only 2 not getting this?”

My reply-“Penny, you’ve known me for close to 40 years now-you know I’m the girl who got a 15% on her mechanical reasoning test in junior high-how can you ask me if it’s us??? I know for sure it’s definitely me-at the very least!”

Don’t get me wrong-I enjoy finding long lost friends, making new ones and learning about just about anything that will help me in my journalistic endeavors, but Twitter is giving me palpitations, just not the kind mentioned in the definition!

I will certainly keep trying to catch on to Twitter, Plaxo, ShesConnected, Face Book and several other sites. But I see myself getting way too involved in the “checking” rather than the “living”!

The other day-rather than call a “real, live girlfriend” and ask her to meet me for coffee-I found myself checking our Linked In pages to see if she was in town first!!! Whoa!

My high school friend who wanted to know if it was just the 2 of us who weren’t sure if all these online social sites weren’t “all that” wasn’t even sure if she had signed up for Twitter! She had to go check her own status!

As for me-I realized that all of the social and professional availabilities made it possible to be a working journalist without ever talking to a live human being! Yes, many of my articles in the last 18 months were researched online, subjects were interviewed via e-mail and appointments were made the same way-even pictures were sent to me via one of my two addresses!

I’ve never been a party animal and I’ve always been a bit old-fashioned, but I’m sure there must be several “modernists” out there who also feel that all this new found anti-social/social behavior is hardly giving them the human interaction we all so desperately need to rediscover.

Twitterpated - I love it. But it sounds like it means "constipated" or "aggravated." It took me over a year from the time I was invited to twitter to I started doing it regularly. And I think all of this is ridiculous - and some day, please God - there will be a negative reaction toward it all and people will realize this isn't meaningful communication. At least with a blog, you could post a whole coherent thought and have meaningful interaction. But telling the world what you're doing blow by blow is a bit weird. But I don't want to sound like those old geezers who complain about every new thing so I'm trying to keep up with the times. But sometimes I just want to unplug from it all.

Great post, Carine!
thanks Kathy. someone on another venue where this blog is put on just regaled her absolute love for Twitter and hatred for LinkedIn and Face Book

I guess it really is a "to each his own" thing.

But like you, I'm willing to give it a go.

I have been "paring" down on some though: goodbye plaxo, goodbye shesconnected. I only check in on LinkedIn now and then.
No time to Twitter here. And fooey to Facebook too. (This response may get a bit long as you're triggering a mini-rant here).

Let me tell you about Facebook. An old college friend invited me to join his Facebook page, as did my brother-in-law. Didn't want to, but I did. Facebook always asks question like, "this guy says you were his college roomie, click to confirm" or "this guy wants you to put his birthday on your calendar." So I just automatically click on this stuff.

So then I get a question "old college roomie wants you to join his Facebook page 'unintentional porn.'" This is just pictures that look kinda racy--tomatoes with cleavage and stuff. I've never been to the page but I just clicked on it anyway.

Then my brother-in-law says, "Hea, I hear you're going to this 'porn' page. WHAT??? How did he know that?! I thought there was a level of privacy to Facebook. I'd never even been to that page anyway.

Last time I visited Facebook (and it will BE the last time) there was a message there that my old college roomie and my BIL had taken this intelligence test. It listed their scores there and asked me to beat them.

So I thought being a competitive guy, sure, and took the quiz. But it kept asking me for personal information, then kept taking me to other quizes, then asked me for more personal information. I started to realize, that my friend and BIL had most likely never taken the quiz. It was a scam. And I'll bet I start receiving spam e-mail now on my blog e-mail address (something that I've avoided for years).

Yep, I just got some spam e-mail from something called "quiz rocket" in my e-mail box today.

Blogging is it for me. No more 'social networking.'

(Again, apologize for the long response)
I hear you loud and clear Dave! It took quite a while before I too caved and joined Face Book-I have learned to click "ignore" to joining my "friends" charity groups and finding "easter eggs", etc..

took me a long time and 5 techies at Cox Cable to help me out of the 73 individual internet openings, all of which had over a dozen windows opened.

lesson learned!
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