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Friday, May 29, 2009



Last week I talked about my soon to be married son’s (okay, it’s almost a year away) quest for a house and how it resembled one of my favorite TV reality shows. I hate to call it that, as I really do not like the genre-but it is reality, TV style.

I thought you’d all like to know the outcome. The happy couple got the “flip” gone belly up. It looked as if it was a good deal. The area is a gated community, comes with tot lots, club house and pool. A home of the same floor plan that is actually finished just sold for a bit over $100,000 more than what the happy couple was supposed to pay.

Now for the particulars-not one single room is complete! It is 2,000 sq.ft.. It has 4 bedrooms and 2-1/2 baths. Pretty much, it’s about 165 sq. ft. less than our house. But it’s a townhome, so at least they don’t have to worry about painting, the front landscaping and the fences.

The bathrooms and kitchens all have new cabinets, floors and countertops. Two of the baths do not have toilets, one has no sink. The kitchen is missing every single appliance, the kitchen sink and the faucet.

While the pavers in the powder room, dining area, kitchen and family room are all new, as is the staircase and upstairs hall flooring-all the bedrooms and the living room are in desperate need of some sort of covering. There are no window coverings either. The water heater is new, the air-conditioning is not. The backyard patio is okay, but the overhang is rotten (in looks and in condition). The windows are new, but the installers broke some of the drywall.

The entire place needs painting and moldings.

This was before the “inspection” party. The kids invited us, Sam’s dad, my sister and brother-in-law (mainly because they have purchased 2 such fixer-uppers) and I believe my parents so that there are going to be plenty of “eyes” surveying the place. They were told there was a home warranty policy, but they haven’t been told just what this includes.

They’ve already been scoping out the cost of things such as: double ovens (on this I’m jealous-I have always been in need of another oven), built in range, dishwasher, sink, garbage disposal, faucet, microwave and the hood, refrigerator, washer and dryer, toilets and the missing sink and faucet for the bathroom!

Steve and I are both excited and worried for them. Same as my parents were for us.

At the inspection, poor kids found out that what looked like “cosmetics” only-was NOT. In fact, the exact words were “it’s as if the patient had terminal cancer and decided the best thing to do was have plastic surgery.”

At this moment, the one that was in back offer is off the table, as the first sale went through. So the hunt begins again, tonight.

Both of them thought that when they graduated from college that their learning, while not complete, had certainly come to somewhat of an end. I have a huge feeling that the real education in life and relationships is just about to begin.

Fortunately-I also have the utmost confidence that these two will be quick learners and will succeed in the next few steps of their lives.

Oh No! I'm so sorry to hear this. I'm sure they'll find the right one eventually though. We look at...well, I lost count but for years actually until we found one that was a fixer-upper, fit our price, location so that the money we would be pouring into it made sense, ect.. I wish them all the luck!

thanks cole-they went last night and saw a much less "costly" one, but there were a lot of people looking at it. they put in another offer. cross your fingers
We so need to update our own home. Our patio overhang is rotten in appearance and in reality as well. That bathroom faucet that needs replacing probably just needs a new cartridge, but it's so old that I think the faucet handle has rusted to the faucet assembly, which is why it is resisting my attempts to pry it loose. For now, we're making do with just warm water out of that one.

You sure have big homes out west. Our's is something under 1500 square feet and I think that's a lot to clean and take care of.
believe me Dave-we are just starting the "remodel" of the 2 bathrooms upstairs. We did a "facelift" to the powder room about 6 years ago.

There are definitely times when these 2185 sq ft of house is way too much for me.

and you're right-the handle is probably rusted on there-I know our own kitchen faucet was-we had to hacksaw it out and then we finally got the sink and new countertops we had always wanted.

Don't even ask...
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