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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Birthing Options

This might not be for everyone-but I have a new article up that will be of interest to those thinking of having a baby or know someone who is!

Please give it a read and/or pass it on!!!

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Great article. I had no idea of all the options available to new parents today. I commented there too.

I hope my blog answered your questions about the wedding. All went well. It's also amazing all the options available to newlyweds so far as weddings go. Small, large, traditional, modern, destination, elegant, big bash, etc. Then there are wedding planners, all inclusive halls, receptions with on-site studios, etc.

I think my son and his new bride picked the perfect wedding to match their personalities, quite different from my own, but times have changed too.
I hear you Dave. Our daughter wanted the "whole 10 yards", was disappointed when we could only afford the 1st 2! LOL
our son and future daughter-in-law have chosen a small intimate early afternoon wedding and lunch-they wanted to use their given amount toward a home.

It will still be lovely-knowing them and their fine taste. They did chose each other!
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