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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


More on MORE! and the Register

Here are the links to a couple of more articles that MORE magazine decided were funny and interesting enough to put online. If only they'd put something in the print edition and pay me!!! But, MORE is major and that's nothing to sneeze at! (The foot bone's connected) (Too Many Doctors)

If you can-please click the "I liked it" and pass on the links!

Here's one on a mother/daughter team that have overcome several obstacles in the OC Register:

I liked the doctors' visits article but they want me to register for some women's group to give the article a thumbs up. I'm already getting e-mail from women trying to get me to join some recipe club from a similar website, so I'm hesitant to join another women's group website. So many websites, so little time.

By the way, in that article did you mean "hair's breadth." Probably you had it right and their copy editor changed it.
they actually changed something on there????

Boy, that's nervy-I just looked at my copy and it was correct, now to go back and see what they changed it to.

as a fellow writer-doesn't that just fry you when they change something and get it wrong????

The Register completely screwed up one of my stories on breast cancer, made me sound like a terrible researcher/writer.

thanks for the head's up-I'm going to go and see what they did there!
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