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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Sniff, sniff...

another plug for a new article up on MORE!

Hope you all enjoy it:

I read the story and "buzzed" it up on Yahoo for what it's worth. Reminds me that none of my programs are currently functional on my desktop. I have to access them by some other means.

Hea, not to change the subject, (well, yes to change the subject actually), but what's a good family beach to go to in your area, if I wanted to come to California and spend a day at the ocean. Laguna? I'd like something not too crowded but still busy and hopefully scenic.
Thank you Dave!

As for the beaches. Laguna is nice, but very crowded. Huntington Beach is also good.

For a nice quiet and private beach-park at the Montage Hotel and walk the grounds and use theirs! They don't mind you using their very lush resort bathrooms either.

Another private one w/ great bathrooms, which also houses a small market, grass and park areas and a pool (it's also a campsite)
is called Newport Dunes. And it's close to both Balboa Island and Peninsula and the famous Newport Fashion Island!!!
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