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Monday, January 04, 2010


feeling old? shame on you!

In my new capacity as a columnist for the Senior Reporter I interviewed a very active 90-year old professional artist who still volunteers. Read about it:

I enjoyed the whole publication - good job, Carine! And who knew something like this was out here. I keep saying we can't move back to California now - it's not age-friendly. Maybe it is.
I'm finding a lot more things for us boomers to do around here Kathy. Newspapers, groups, a whole city! Laguna Woods is only for people 55 and over. We're going to be there way too quick.
I'm there already. Being 55, that is, not in California. Hea, I read an interesting article about free-lancers like yourself. In case you missed it . . .,0,2787168.column?page=2

Sounds like you represent the new breed of free-lancers.
I'll definitely take a look at that Dave. I take the OC Register b/c the sort of pay me and they won't give me clippings any other way.

I'll be interested to read what the Times has to say about us poor over-worked journalists!
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