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Friday, January 08, 2010


Star-studded week

One week into the new decade and I’ve already had quite the star-studded week and it was great!

My husband decided to take us (a joint celebration) to a Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons concert for our birthdays. No, the original Seasons part weren’t performing-but Frankie Valli sure was and he was fabulous! A bit slow in walking, but hey-I’m a bit slower in walking than I was in the in my youth too. But he sure has a great voice and stage presence. His “4 Seasons” were made up of some very talented young men in the mid to late 20’s, who had the mannerisms of the originals down “pat”.

The show was an hour and a half, but it flew by and no one wanted the evening to end. Wink Martindale was in the audience too. My husband was thinking that there would have been more celebrities since it was a one night only event and there wasn’t going to be another show in Los Angeles, but no.

It was a sold out event and rightly so. I know I’ll get a lot of flak from many people on this next comment, but I really do feel that performers such as Frankie Valli are so much better than the present generation. You don’t have to worry about any age group being offended. Being in our 50’s we were actually some of the younger attendees. Not that there weren’t young people there, but not a lot.

I’m pretty sure those who were in their 20’s and 30’s came because they had been to see “the Jersey Boys” and wanted to see the actual real person behind the stage show. There were also a lot of people who were in their 60’s and 70’s there.

What a wonderful event-bringing so many various age groups and types of music lovers together!

Later in my week I was assigned a story on a celebrity craft and hobby show. I know what you’re all thinking (and you’re right), “what the heck does Carine know about crafts and hobbies?”

I’ll tell you-absolutely nothing. Closest I am to doing anything in a hobby mode is photography. Since the end of the film era, I retired my enlarger and closed off the darkroom. But I love to learn about everything (except birds and all things underwater, but that’s another blog) so I delved in to this story “with relish”. By “celebrities” what was meant was celebrities in the craft and hobby arena.

If you’ve hear of Carol Duvall or Teri O. then you know of what I mean. However-this show included a TV celebrity as well, Deborah Norville, the host of Inside Edition. She’s an avid knitter who has come out with her own yarn line and a book.

I got to interview Deborah and Teri on the upcoming SuperShow that’s going to be happening in my neck of the woods later this month.

Deborah was more than generous with her time and enthusiasm on spreading the word (gospel) on the joys of knitting. It was a fun chat.

That’s what’s so wonderful about starting out a new year with open eyes and an open mind; you never know who you’re going to meet and what you’ll get out of it! Rest assured though, if you keep that positive outlook, you’re sure to find out that it will be a memorable experience.

I was a fan of Deborah Norville when she was on the Today Show. Franki Valli is playing at the Fox Theatre in Detroit here. Coincidentally, I was reading about Joe Pesci and how he produced Jersey Boys and how his character has a part in that show. Somehow I can't see Joe Pesci as a singer, but I guess he is.

We seldom see stars here in Michigan, even with all the movies being produced around here. Jeff Daniels is the local resident star and we've seen him around once or twice.
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