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Friday, January 01, 2010


whoa-a new decade

Well, it’s official-we’ve started an entire new decade.

What will it bring? A breath of fresh air? Or an extension of the big black cloud of smog that we’ve all grown accustom to?

I am hoping for that breath of fresh air myself. Yes, the thought of something new and significant in the future is starting to perk me up!

This week my husband is having a birthday. At the end of the month our older grandchild is having a birthday as well. His brother will follow in hot pursuit a mere 10 days later. Whoa-not even 6 weeks into 2010 and we’ll have celebrated 3 birthdays and started a couple of other fun home improvement projects.

My goal for the New Year is to continue writing my book on “how to be a good mother-in-law”. I’ve gotten as far as the outline and the introduction. Not bad. It’s obviously my goal to continue writing my feature articles and hopefully have my client list grow. Crossing my fingers on all of that!

I do have to share what happened on the last day of our former decade-I found my best friend from junior and senior high on FaceBook! A few others that I had been in e-mail contact also joined up. Wow!
Back to finding my friend-I’ll let you in on something, I’m a great friend to all those I find a kindred spirit with-whether it be face-to-face or over the internet, but there is one thing I’m betting most people would never guess! I’ve never really been a member of the “I’ve-got-to-have-my-girlfriends-club”.


My closest friends have usually been of the male persuasion. I would never in a million years call myself a “tomboy”-but I just wasn’t in to the same kinds of things many girls (in that tween/teen age bracket) were into. I didn’t squeal when certain boys went by, I didn’t really enjoy sleepovers. I couldn’t and wouldn’t play the “games” of flirting, teasing and certainly not “dissing” other girls. What you saw and heard from me was what I was. Straightforward was I then and straightforward am I now.

I think that’s why I did better with the guys as friends. I also didn’t enjoy the dating rituals-preferred going out in groups. Even through college my closest friend was a guy. He was the first person I asked to be in my wedding party. I did have 3 girlfriends-one which I still e-mail on a regular basis-but it was my best guy friend who had to meet and approve of my husband-to-be-not the girls.

So, imagine finding him on FaceBook!?!

Maybe this is an omen that 2010 will be a lucky year. Oh-he lives in Arizona, about 2 hours away from our daughter.

I really do have high hopes for this decade-what about all of you?

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!
well thank you very much! one thing about me-I tend to look at things in a usual way, but w/ a twist!
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . .

Sorry, that was a knee-jerk reaction to the anonymous comment here. I got EXACTLY the same comment word-for-word this past week on one of my older blogs. Strange.

The jury is still out on Facebook with me. I get e-mails from and I sometimes go there to see if I know who's posting. But I only lurk there. I do have an old girl friend (note the space) from college whom I've exchanged Christmas letters with for over 30 years, going back to before I was married.

Just curious, your writing cleverly dodged the issue, but would you call these old friend-- boyfriends, boy friends, guy friends?
I sure would like to know which one she/he read Dave, cuz I actually thought some of the beginning ones were pretty darn good.
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