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Friday, March 05, 2010


Just Thinking Out Loud

Lately I’ve been interviewing some terrific ladies: Patricia V Davis, Debbie Mandel, and Nancy Alspaugh Jackson. All three are media Renaissance women with very different passions and takes on life. Patricia (notice I’ve added her to my list of favorites) wrote a blog about “10 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self”-it wound up being re-posted to literally hundred’s of sites. Debbie is a whirlwind of activity and teaches us all how to NOT become addicted to stress and Nancy is passionate about getting the word out there and supporting the care and therapies regarding autism.

All 3 interviews and women made quite the impact on me! Honestly, I think I could easily become best friends with these ladies and become more than a bit involved in all their pet projects.

Who wouldn’t want to help women (sorry men, I’d include you but that will have to be a different column!) be more assertive in things like helping each other be more assertive, less stressed out and create more time helping children overcome disabilities??

Patricia’s 10 things got me to thinking-if I could go back in time, what would I warn myself to watch out for? What would I try to convey to my daughter? It’s the second question that I’m going to put down here this week.

I’m only going to do 5, don’t want to bore anyone!

So, to my daughter Sarah, about to be 28 on May Day, if I could convey to you some things to consider, here’s what they would be:

1-LEARN NOW THE VALUE OF THE WORD NO. When I was your age, I wanted to still be the “good” girl. I said “of course I can do that”. “Yes kids, even though you behaved like imps all day, I will take you to the “fill in the blank”. No is a great word-it teaches others you matter. That you matter and so does your opinion.

2-REALIZE THAT YOU ARE GREAT, EVEN IF SOMEONE DOESN’T “GET” YOU. Just because you have a different view on your life, it doesn’t mean you’re wrong. It just means you don’t fit into the typical mold. That can and should be a good thing.

3-CONTINUE TO HOLD ONTO YOUR PERSONAL ETHICS. Don’t be a lemming. If everyone in the office/neighborhood/school wants to do something you find a bad fit for you-go back and read #1.

4-WEAR SHOES THAT FIT! There’s nothing wrong with this-I found out that wearing uncomfortable shoes doesn’t make you sexy IN THE LEAST. In fact, you look horrible. Nothing says unattractive as much as feet that hurt so bad that you wince, purse your lips and limp.

5-SAME TO BE SAID ABOUT CLOTHES. There is nothing worse than having someone laugh behind your back because the outfit you’re donning is either too big or too small and makes you look like you’re wearing someone else’s wardrobe. In high school someone was always trying to make me think that I should dress the way they did. People thought I was a teacher or someone’s mom. I do wish I could have listened to #1 and found my own style before I graduated.

These may seem simple but they work. Especially #4, can’t stress enough the importance of shoes that fit.

Of course, number four applies to men as well. I can't tell you how many pairs of shoes I've bought that have killed my feet, all the while I'm thinking that they're just breaking in. And no matter how many times I tell myself never to walk out of a shoe store with a pair that doesn't fit, I do it again and again. The pair of new shoes I bought for my son's wedding 10 months ago are just NOW feeling comfortable.

I'll be waiting for that column about helping men. Maybe some day your hubby will do a guest blog, eh.
lol-you know he's never even read anything here Dave! You're so right, some of these are for men as well. I do remember trying my best to wear a "pretty" pair of shoes to our daughter's wedding. Walked in them for over an hour in the store.
came the day-I was having a "less" inflamed moment and I couldn't get them to stay on!! They were too big!! Barely got down the aisle and back-took them off and finished the event in stocking feet!
but I was comfortable!
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