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Friday, June 25, 2010



Have I ever mentioned I’m not one for surprises? Well, I’m not. Pretty sure it’s the control freak in me.

Of course I’ve had a few curve balls that I enjoyed: finding out about impending marriages, births, someone’s promotion and all other good things.

But then there’s the other kind of news-the type where it is the proverbial “other shoe dropping” that makes you sink into the sofa-I don’t like those at all.

This is what happened to me this past week. The editor I’ve been working with for the last three years called to inform me that she was burnt out of being an editor and requested to go back to writing full-time.

Great for her-Heaven only knows what this means for me. I understand why she’s making this move. Editing is not as creative as writing or as fulfilling (unless of course, you love making minor adjustments to someone else’s words) so after over 18 years with the newspaper, they granted her wish.

To be fair, this very nice woman did tell me that she “talked” me up to the new editor and it looks like she will hopefully continue to use my talented services. I have already sent her a “congrats and intro” note and she’s responded. Her words were encouraging: “I love your articles and all you’ve contributed-I’ll be contacting you after I settle in after the first week of July”.

So I’m holding my breath-big time.

Then I went straight into work mode and sent out several letters of query and several packets to a few publications that are just starting up and one that’s been around-but that with a gracious introduction from a friend in the know-I’m hoping the last one actually entertains even one of 2 ideas.

I was also invited to a fun event (which is one of the ideas for the older magazines) at Angel Stadium-“A Taste of the Majors” which is part of the All-Star Game festivities.

Being a free-lance writer is like being on a constant roller coaster-never sure when you’re going to be up, down or what kind of curves there will be-I sure was hoping that by now I’d have a bit more of an idea as to how exciting (or boring) this ride would be, but obviously not.

Honestly-I love the freedom of being able to get up after dawn has happened, writing when the mood strikes me and the people I meet, but on the flip side of that, I’d rather have a bit of security of knowing that I indeed have something to do and somewhere to go to do something productive.

Not that writing hasn't been productive-but it sure hasn’t been helping pay the bills.

Of course, they're going to call and ask you to keep writing. Why wouldn't they?

You have a style of writing that's good at engaging the reader. I would imagine that's the kind of writer that many publications are looking for.

But I know what you mean. In these days of economic malaise, more people are looking for security over freedom when it comes to matters of employment.
hi Dave, how goes the camping trip? having fun? believe it or not-not a peep since her reply to my thank you note on Tuesday. But you never know. thank you for the compliment-I'm sure you know as a writer yourself, that no matter how much you hear that one of your blogs touches someone in some way-it's always nice to hear it again!

did get quite the reaction to my last handful-great just in time to worry if I'll get to write anymore for the main publication!
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