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Friday, June 25, 2010


walking for fitness

If you love to power walk the way I do-here's a story on the founder of Walkstyles for my July My Laguna Hills column:

Carine -
I just came upon one of your articles, one about a particular form of flat foot corrective surgery( and this was the only way I could find to contact you. As a person who will likely have to go through some form of corrective surgery for this condition soon, if you have any further information(Particularly on the doctors experienced with it) I would absolutely love to know of it. I'll be checking back here in case you reply, but if you like you can e-mail me at
Hello robot,
only the Dr. Roth in the article. I don't know where you are, but he has quite a practice in Newport Beach CA. The few people I talked to were thrilled w/ the results. I too am quite flat-footed, but b/c I also have RA, OA and RSP-I am not a good candidate. I wish I were!
I know he trained back east w/ the originator of the procedure. It can be done in an office visit, takes a few minutes and people say they feel a good amount of relief right away. I'll see what else I can find out for you! Glad you found me! Hope I will be able to help further.
robot-here is an interview w/ the dr in the article from you tube:

Now I did this story when i first started w/ the OC REgister-but I do remember that he told me he didn't like to do the surgery (as even though he's a surgeon, the idea is to keep you from being cut into!)until all the other non-surgical options had been tried: orthodics, special shoes, etc...
I walk twice at work, on my morning and afternoon breaks. But it's not easy as we have to walk on the service drive, no sidewalk here. And there are some automotive testing facilities on that service drive so some cars are a bit speedy.
By the way, back from camping. It was fun as usual. I'll do my weekly blog on it and put up some pictures.

Camping does get harder as you get older, we're finding.
no doubt-my problem is that I enjoy the creature comforts of a nice bathroom and kitchen!
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