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Friday, July 16, 2010


I've Figured it Out

Why I can’t find a job

I’ve figured out why I am not finding a “day job”. I really have.

It has nothing to do with my age, my resume or my lack of computer skills.

What it does have to do with it life. I don’t know why I couldn’t figure it out earlier-it really is as plain as the proverbial nose on one’s face.

Let’s take a look at just the last year:

Last July, it seemed that I was forever being called into action to mediate family squabbles about how to deal with other people not being happy with their lack of money management. I was also actually asked to come along and look at perspective new homes for those that had good money management.

Oh and there was that 8 months of construction and fun on those 2 bathrooms.

August. I believe last August I was both watching grandkids for several weekends, babysitting on some evenings and running errands for those who were working fulltime jobs and had no time to do some of the “emergency” runs for themselves. And the bathrooms.

September. I spent part of it both baby-sitting and running to Phoenix to lend moral support so that our daughter and son-in-law could go to interviews and get jobs. Don’t forget-still no tub and totally working toilet in the Master Bath.

October. Watched my son and daughter-in-law move out and leave me with the dreaded “empty nest syndrome” for almost a week. After which I completely took over the role of parenting our grandkids until the end of November. Did this while keeping them safe from the harms way of lollygagging plumbers, painters and cabinet-makers.

November. Read above.

December. Got my annual case of “the world’s worst broncytis attack and RA flares all at the same time.

January. That was a fun month. While taking a very innocent power walk and figuring out several upcoming articles at the same time (okay, I was also listening to my IPod Shuffle) I fell and removed many layers of skin from one knee, dislocated part of a shoulder and broke my hand. I was in some sort of a tramadol fog until mid-February. Finally got rid of the contractors.

February. Did manage to go to Vegas with hubby and our son and daughter-in-law and then veer off to Phoenix to spend some time and sing Happy Birthday to the grandkids. See above for the rest.

March. Besides continuing to write a lot, I was in a lot of physical/occupational therapy and going to a whole lotta doctors appointment.

April and May. It was wedding crunch time. Looking for a dress, bridal shower, looking for a dress, rehearsal dinner, wedding, all the rest-oh and I was taken on a Mother’s Day cruise.

June. Nephew’s graduation. I was having a time with a run of high blood pressure and was told to keep things as calm as possible.

And now here’s July again. We babysat our furry grandkids. Good thing, our darling Lily let us know that our own darling Sunshine was really SICK! Ick. Spent a day sterilizing the floors and tending to the sick pooch. I was told I have to minister small meals and meds three times a day.

Coming up: There’s the colonoscopy, the dentist, the dermatologist and the rheumatologist.

I can’t get a “day job”; I’m too busy working…

Hmmmmm, I'm sitting here reading this and wondering if this could be what life would be like for me if I retired. I have lots of other plans, but life may have other plans for me as well.

I do think you're better able to "go with the flow" as you get older. Your own priorities sometimes get lost and that's okay.
true, too true. what I loved most is hubby found this rather "iffy" spot in the laundry room dry wall. The kind where for some reason it's "soft and puffy" and the paint is stretchy. we looked under the cabnet-no leaks. thinking maybe the last earthquake did something.
last time we saw such a thing-it was over the skylight in our bedroom/bathroom area.
that was a summer's worth of repairs too. sigh
I agree with you. I don't know why some people assume that Stay At Home is not work. It does require a lot of work to stay at home, even more important, the pay for this work is usually not money and it shows up later in the future, as in great children, happy spouse, house in one piece, etc.

Stay strong. Remember this, money is not the only sign of wealth we possess. I think your wealth is reflected in all you do.
Thank you-but I'd sure love to be earning something tangible as well!
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