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Thursday, August 26, 2010


On the Road

There’s nothing like a wedding to bring a burst of happiness to everyone’s day. We’re about to leave for one in Reno. Hence the early posting of this week’s blog.

Reno is about a 9 hour drive from where we live-if you don’t do things like stop for gas, eating and a few bathroom/stretching breaks. No way are we cutting those out.
First of all-I’m not a good passenger. I’m claustrophobic and after listening to Talk Radio for a very short while I’m ready to scream and bolt on foot for the highway. My husband also refuses to let me help with the driving. Not just me-everyone.

When we went with our son and daughter-in-law in February to Vegas for the furniture mart and then on to our daughter’s home in Phoenix to celebrate our grandsons’ birthdays he wouldn’t let them drive either. Funny-as we were using MY car.

This is a much further trip. Our plans are to leave before 6 a.m. on Friday in hopes of making it to our hotel by dinner time-before dark. Saturday afternoon is the wedding and reception. Sunday, we were told is a Sunday brunch for the out-of-towners. That surely includes us.

The bride is the daughter of our best man and his wife. Besides being close friends-we’re related. Our best man is also my husband’s cousin and they’re as close as brothers.

We have no idea what we’ll be doing after brunch-we do know that we’re doing the turn-around drive on Monday though. Not looking forward to that either.
According to MapQuest-the drive to the hotel is 515 miles. We were told that we’re staying right in the middle of the venue where the ceremony will take place and then we drive to completely the other side of town for the reception.

That hotel better have one heck of a whirlpool, I don’t have just a feeling-I know I’m going to need it.

I hope you all have something happy to look forward to this weekend. The wedding will be fun. Not the drive and certainly not the fact that I’m going to be wearing the “yellow” dress from our own son’s wedding for this affair.

I figured I might as well-only a slight handful of people are crossover guests and I’ve got to get my money’s worth on the outfit.

So your husband is a fan of talk radio then. Anybody in particular? Sportstalk?

We just got back from our own extended weekend up north. Bad news there was that they had a milestone birthday party across the street from my parents' cabin where we stayed. That meant karaoke blaring rock concert loud at 2 a.m. These people don't care who protests either.
oh dear Dave. Kind of spoils the weekend. so sorry. we had a great time-save all the hours of sitting. He seems to like the shows that have tag teams that bash everyone. I don't really listen to them. LOL
enjoyed the wedding and came back to phone calls about several of our latest "crew" saying they'll start work on the bathroom in the morning. oh the joy of home ownership
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