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Friday, September 10, 2010


Happy Anniversary

Hard to believe, but in our family-9/11 is a happy memory! I hear the "what?!" through the airwaves.

Let me explain-on September 11th, our daughter will celebrate her 6th anniversary. It was a beautiful wedding and we knew this was the start of our immediate family officially growing. We already behaved and felt like Alex was a new son, but now it was legal.

If you're wondering why in the world we chose that date-here's the story:

My husband and I shut down our day care business December 20, 2002-so when we knew there'd be a wedding to pay for, we were in the midst of re-inventing ourselves and trying to get my rather poor health to improve. Funds were very tight. We told our daughter that the budget for her wedding would be the last installment of an annuity from my husband's game show winnings. $12,000.

Needless to say-she wasn't very happy-but you can't squeeze blood out of a proverbial turnip-so the hunt for a venue was on. I listened to co-workers about where they went; somehow we magically started getting e-mails from all kinds of places asking us to check them out-including a wedding cruise. Our daughter liked a particular county run country club. It was older, but very well kept.

We went to see the room, the various menus, etc. and found that it was indeed the best we had all seen. The next task was for the betrothed to set the date, they were pretty booked up. Turned out either the young couple would have to wait 2 years or "how do you all feel about September 11th?"

Because of what happened at Ground Zero-it seemed no one wanted to get married on this date.

If we took it-they'd give us a $2000 discount.

We all looked at each other. Since none of us are particularly superstitious-I spoke up "you know, I'm sure if we all look through all of history-something bad happened on every single day of the year. By our daughter getting married on this particular date we are replacing the present connotation of horror and turning it around into something happy."

Of course, this would work for only those attending the event-but we felt this would be the start.

So, in honor of our daughter and son-in-law: Happy Anniversary, may you have many, many more together.

Happy anniversary to the lucky couple. Sept. 11 is certainly a date that the husband should remember. I remember the actual infamous 9/11 date at work, somebody had set as their wedding date. They actually said their vows on that date in a break-room at our work. Already planned, too late to change. It was surreal but I remember that wedding date better than any other.

Since you mentioned your health in the blog, how have you been doing in that department overall?
yesterday-I was really BAD. called to get a shot of toradol bad. I was too busy throwing up to go !

oh what a difference a day makes Dave!

thanks for asking-how's your dad doing?
My dad sounds like he was back to his old ways right out of surgery. The doctor instructed him NOT to talk for two weeks but he had trouble with that right away. The nurses had to call my brother and sister down to his room to help them with my "non-compliant" dad. Several times my siblings told him NOT to talk. He didn't like being lectured, in fact answering once with his middle finger. At least he didn't try to say it.

So he sounds like he's back to his old self. No more surgery either, since the polyps were benign. Thanks for asking.
so happy to hear he's so full of stubbonness Dave! good for him and you! may it be so for a long time to come
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