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Friday, October 22, 2010


Rain, Rain, Go Away

It sure is wet around here

Being a native of Southern California, I have to say I’m spoiled. The cold days are few and far between and the wet ones even further. In fact, we’ve been in such a drought for the last few years that our local water agencies have been implementing water rationing and sending fines to those who haven’t been proving their due diligence ability to cut their water use by 20%!

Imagine our surprise when earlier this week, in the middle of the night no less, we all heard sounds that we had long since forgotten-POURING RAIN! And not just rain, but rain so hard that it sounded as if we were getting hailed on!

The lucky one that night was our 14 year-old lab mix. Sunshine is at a point in life where she sees very well, but can’t hear a darn thing. So she just lay on her bed and snored. Okay, so did my husband. Steve, I swear, can sleep through just about anything-including his own buzz saw snoring. However, Pepper, our tabby and I are very light sleepers. We both lay awake-me pushing my husband over onto his side every few minutes and Pepper, who I think was trying to find a way to permanently attach himself to my armpit.

With every clap of thunder, with every flash of lightening and with every new wave of pounding rain on our bedroom skylight, the poor little guy shook more and dug himself more into body.

This, coupled with the remainder of my bout of vertigo made for not one, but 3 nights of horrible sleep.

During this time, I kept saying silent prayers to myself about the joys of being a full-time freelance writer. I hunkered down in my office chair and wrote away with a hot cup of coffee in hand and wrote my article on Alzheimer’s disease-knowing I would not have to go outside except to gather the mail.

Then I wound up having an outside appointment. My luck held here-the rain kept on falling until the time I had to leave. I arrived at my meeting and had to use an alternate door to get in-seems all this rain caused a flood to the main entrance! Two hours later I left and began toying with the idea about stopping at my favorite produce market to fill up my yet again empty drawers.

As I neared the exit-my luck evaporated (unlike the rain) and the pouring began all over again. I decided I would just use the measly few veggies left and would send those little applesauce cups (leftover from our grandsons last visit) in my ever-lovin’ lunch the next day.

Next day, I again was very lucky-weather-wise. I had been invited, as a thank you for features written, by a wonderful organization to their yearly fundraising banquet. There had been no rain that morning-but everything was mighty gray and very wet smelling. You know the aroma-wet dog with a tinge of newly sprouted greenery.

My drive there was dry and the one coming home held until I made another attempt at filling up the fridge.

I’m beginning to thing the veggie and fruit gods are having a bit of fun with me. Taunting me to use the emergency bag of frozen green beans as our nightly side dish.

See how spoiled I am-we’ve only had 5 days of inclement weather and I’m already grousing.

I do like the rhythm of the falling rain, to quote the song. But you're right, enough is enough.

Fundraising . . . as I type this, my wife is at a "dancing with the stars" fundraising event. I lucked out. I got to stay home and move furniture around. Seriously, I'd rather be doing that.

Sleep can be so problematical as we get older. You probably can remember those days when you could sleep anywhere soundly, right? I can't myself. But it could be Alzheimer's.
actually, my "line" on sleep is "I haven't sleep through the night since april 4, 1981" Our wedding date! as I've mentioned-Steve has a tendancy to snore. then came the kids-I'm so sleep deprived somedays I think I'm addicted to that morning coffee just to keep my eyes opened!
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